The First of Color-Themed EPs: Red EP by Alexander Lewis is Out

The First of Color-Themed EPs: Red EP by Alexander Lewis is Out

Alexander Lewis just dropped his long waited 6-track project – Red EP – and his signature trombone melodies still play a significant role with the addition of new production elements he incorporated. Lewis has been experimenting with Hip-Hop lately, and this new project that’ll be the first in a series of color themed EPs is no exception. Trained ears can still trace back to Lewis’ EDM roots from the implementation of elaborately designed risers and a grandiose song structure. Although Red EP isn’t the first time that Lewis experimented with Hip-Hop, it still signifies the start of a new chapter in terms of Lewis’ dedication and passion for producing in the style of this flexible genre that offers a lot of space for creativity. 

Lewis decided to start off this cinematic experience with Soar, the latest single he released before the Red EP. Soar sets the mood for this epic journey with its theatrical and mysterious vibe. This climactic song is followed by Alexander the Great, a more enigmatic piece that offers insight on Lewis’ train of thought. It is one of the more personal pieces on the album with a dynamic pad melody and a continuous transition from trap to a simple, more intimate Hip-Hop sub-genre. But the track that reflects the complete truth of Alexander Lewis would be Left U On Red feat. JNTHN STEIN. The two talented producers collaborated on this song to display Lewis’ inner world through meticulously crafted sounds. The strings mainly function to make the piece more versatile but also warm and welcoming. The subtle implementation of string plucks make the song a more vibrant and lively one in comparison to a completely computer-generated track.

Lewis had the following to say about the Red EP:

“Red EP was a way for me go beyond the typical “trap trombone banger” and a way for me to dig even deeper with live instrumentation and blend it with electronic music. Red (being part 1 of a color series of EPs) is just another part of my musical influences and a way for me to showcase more depth in my music, not only as a producer but a composer and arranger. I wanted to give the listener a glimpse of what’s to come with mixing trap and more live instrumentation and foreshadow something I’ve always dreamed about doing; performing live with a full orchestra.”

Lewis’ previous work Omni EP hinted a shift in the producer’s style before, but Red EP makes this transition to Hip-Hop official. During this journey, Lewis also contributed on the production of some of Hip-Hop’s greatest hits like Juice WRLD’s banger Big and very recently he produced MAX’s Acid Dreams feat. Felly which premiered on NYLON. He also produced for several other big names like Normani, Rita Ora, YBN Cordae and The Underachievers. Lewis doesn’t forget about his Energy pals either as he’s producing B.Anderson and William $’s upcoming albums.

You should definitely check out this epic project by clicking here or from the web player below.

Alexander Lewis Is Soaring The Skies With His New Release

Alexander Lewis Is Soaring The Skies With His New Release

Innovative producer Alexander Lewis is back from the war after releasing his latest single Win the War, and this time he offers us an exhilarating instrumental track called Soar. The bi-coastal artist has been on a roll with the recent releases, all leading up to the Red EP that will be released in the upcoming months.

Soar signifies a transition period in Lewis’ career. Lewis is praised for his earlier EDM work, but lately the artist has been switching to a more Hip-Hop/Trap oriented production style, and Soar is another product of this new era. Lewis does a great job at creating a climactic feel by slowly building up the production and making it sound lively through the orchestration. Although strings are not as common in Hip-Hop productions, Lewis took full advantage of his resources and incorporated them seamlessly into the song, which helped setting a more dynamic and rousing atmosphere. What really differentiates Lewis as a producer is his trombone melodies. As a trained trombonist, Lewis includes this underestimated instrument in all of his works to establish a fusion of genres.

Lewis is not stopping here. Win the War and Soar are just a tease of a much greater, long form project. Red EP is Lewis’ most ambitious project yet, and the fans are excited to hear more of this work.

Stream Soar by clicking HERE

2019 Freestyle Has A Music Video Now

2019 Freestyle Has A Music Video Now

An artist who alters R&B with his visionary approach, sobhhï just released a new video for his 2019 freestyle track. sobhhï has been on a grind lately since he dropped his Black I EP in February. His innovative alternative R&B style with a sentimental focus makes sobhhï stand out from the crowd, and his artistic growth can be observed from the unique way he combines Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop elements in his work.

sobhhï’s self-directed video is a work of art. The stunning black and white visuals with an occasional splash of colors emphasizes the reflective nature of the video, and allows the audience to see the world from his eyes. Although much shorter than traditional music videos, 2019 freestyle captures a contrast between real and fake, serious and frivolous. The imagery of sobhhï driving a Lamborghini with the doors fully open and people sitting on top of the roof conveys a self-confident attitude unaffected by judgement. The pop-up lyrics that appear every now and then draws the attention away from the stark theme of the video and offers a comedic side note. Just like the rest of his EP, the music video for 2019 freestyle might appear like a minimalist, stripped down product, but a tremendous amount of work has been put into the making of the video as it was recorded in three distinct locations: Dubai, New York City and San Fransisco.

sobhhï had the following to say about his EP:

“I wanted to create an experience of night time and nocturnalism through the music; to experience something moving, extremely visceral; romantic, sensual, and dangerous… I would consider the BLACK series of EPs to be my most essential work, this is only the introduction”

2019 is a strong year for sobhhï since he is establishing his position as one of the up and coming Alt-R&B geniuses of the year with Black I and three other EP’s that are yet to come. In the meantime, check out the music video for 2019 freestyle from below:

The 6 Year-Long Wait Is Over, Hayden James’ Debut Album Between Us Is Out Now

The 6 Year-Long Wait Is Over, Hayden James’ Debut Album Between Us Is Out Now

Australian producer Hayden James is back, and this time with his most ambitious long form project yet, the Between Us album released via Future Classic. James previewed the album last week at Sidney as he headlined in Curve Ball. The album reflects on James’ 6 year long journey building a fan base that earned him over 300 million streams. James is on the verge of sharing his music live with his audience through an Australian, U.S. and European tour, which will be kicked off this August in New Zealand.

With Between Us, the artist elevates his heavenly electronic melodies to a new level, heavily inspired by synth pop. The lead single for the album, Nowhere To Go feat. NAATIONS, forces the audience and dance to the rhythm with its groovy bassline.

James’ sound becomes more spacious as the low ends get amplified with the double-platinum song Just Friends feat. Boy Matthews. Then comes Better Together feat. Runnin Touch, an exotic dance song or rather the missing part of our lives that we have all been searching for.

The self-titled Between Us emphasizes Panama’s soft and passionate vocals and prepares the audience for another euphoric tune with playful melodies, Remember You feat. Elderbrook. Fans should also check out the beautiful visualizers, especially the soothing technicolor-esque visualizer for Between Us.

James is on his way to share a live experience with his audience through his upcoming Between Us tour, starting in August. He will be playing for his largest crowd ever at Los Angeles, New York, D.C. and San Francisco. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the alternative electronic artist live, get your ticket from Hayden James’ official website. You can also check out James’ new album by clicking here.

Disciples Throw An Epic Party In A Photo Booth For “No Ties”

Disciples Throw An Epic Party In A Photo Booth For “No Ties”

The brilliant UK trio Disciples are back again with a colorful music video for their new single No Ties that takes place solely in a photo booth. Disciples prove they deserve the multi-platinum status once again with this cleverly designed party atmosphere within a small booth.

“After a crazy night out in Shoreditch with just the three of us… we noticed that people’s real characters come out when they go inside a photo booth,” Disciples said. “It was time to bring all that energy/wildness into four frames on the big screen. ‘No Ties’ is the perfect party tune to bring out that vibe in people, so it just felt like the right concept for this track!”

In the beautifully designed video, Disciples disorient their viewers by implementing a vertical video frame unlike the traditional horizontal frame. By doing so, they achieve a visual that resembles animated photo booth print-outs. Although the whole video is taped inside a booth, the creative trio managed to create a party atmosphere by utilizing colorful lights, a DJ stand and party items like cups that occasionally appear in the frame. The striking visuals combined with the high energy of the team conveys a party mood that appeals to an outgoing party-lover audience.

Soon after the release, No Ties earned the praise of Radio 1, Danny Howard in Friday’s Fire, Annie Mac as the Hottest Record in the world and Pete Tong with an exclusive live mix on the release day.

Disciples amassed over 2 billion streams with their hit songs How Deep Is Your Love and On My Mind, which earned them a platinum status. On My Mind was also the most played song in 2017 on BBC Radio 1. The song stayed on the iTunes Singles Chart Top 10 for ten weeks and BBC Radio 1 A-List for six weeks.

The trio is getting ready for an eventful summer as they will be performing in Hideout, Tomorrowland and S4 in the upcoming months. Good news for Ibiza-goers who missed Disciples on their last visit because they will put on several shows at the most iconic nightclubs in the White Isle, including Pacha, Ushuaia and the Ibizia Rocks Hotel. They will also be playing with their good ol’ partner Calvin Harris.

Check the amazing music video for No Ties from below:

New Video From The Code Forces Us To ‘Slow Dance’ In Times Square

New Video From The Code Forces Us To ‘Slow Dance’ In Times Square

Merely weeks after the release of their new EP Mercury, The Code is back with a stunning audio-visual masterpiece for slowdancinginamerica.

The Code’s classic production style defies the conventional genre expectations, just as the unprecedented visuals used in the video offer a more post-modern twist to traditional music videos. The focus shifts from exciting visuals to two people dancing in front of a white backdrop, a sudden switch from grandiose effects to simplicity. The enticing dance performance gets streamed across te billboards in the Times Square as it keeps catching everyone’s attention.

The video’s innate complexity supports The Code’s notion that music has a potent effect that does not need to be bolstered by other sources of media.

The director for slowdancinginamerica was the legendary Joseph B. Carlin from TRANSFIXION who also directed the music video for The Code’s song moments and various other projects for XYLØ, CADE and Computer Magic.

Mercury EP is The Code’s most authentic work so far that also emphasizes their sole purpose of fostering a platform for original music free from the restrictions of classical genre expectations. moments, the lead single, has gained 450,000 streams and was premiered at 1Xtra by DJ Target.

The Code has a huge following as a revolutionary artist with their unique sound, but on another level of operation, The Code is also an amazing team player as they have collaborated with the likes of Miguel, Bryson Tiller, Quincy, Smokepurpp, Cassie, Les Twins, Justin Love and Kaleem Taylor.

The Code’s initial success with Gravity feat. G-Eazy was followed by other long format projects like Blue Electronica and Paramount, both have earned an accolade from outlets like Pigeons & Planes and The 405.

You can watch the music video for slowdancinginamerica from below:

The Code Revolutionizes R&B-Electronic Music With New EP

The Code Revolutionizes R&B-Electronic Music With New EP

The Code’s new EP “mercury” is out today, a few months after teasing the us by releasing “moments”, which was first played at 1Xtra by DJ Target. On their mission of bringing down the barriers that distinguish genres, The Code is putting their advanced R&B/Hip Hop production skills to use and creating a space travel experience for people who are exposed to their artistic vision.

The Code opens up the EP with “system” to set the tone and lets the audience know that even though you can only hear with your ears, you will be immersed into a 3-D experience by just listening to this EP. The precision of the beats juxtaposing with a melody that resembles lo-fi but is also in harmony with every aspect of the production are the main reasons for this EP to sound like a message from distant galaxies.

In The Code’s own words, “This is what it must feel like to be retrograde”.

The Code keeps their identity anonymous to avoid distorted social media representations and to speak only through their art. This strategy has helped them a lot as it can be observed from the 8 million streams they have gained from “Gravity” featuring the rap legend G-Eazy.

The Code has also been praised by outlets like The 405 and Pigeons & Planes for their debut “Blue Electronica” and another long project “Paramount”.

mercury” tracklist:

  1. system
  2. moments
  3. more
  4. yourlove(nomore)
  5. inmyhead
  6. slowdancinginamerica
Holly Gets Personal With Fans In New Music Video

Holly Gets Personal With Fans In New Music Video

Today is a strong day for Holly, Portuguese producer/DJ, as he unveiled the music video for his new single Encontrar feat. Slow J. The hip/hop artist is building anticipation for his upcoming EP – Avenal 2500 – which will be released on May 17th. The EP is speculated to be a very introspective work, as it can be interpreted from the reflective nature of this new single. Holly decided to team up with his close friend and successful Portuguese rapper Slow J for the production of this personal project.

Holly describes the meaning of the song and working with Slow J with these words:

“’Encontrar’ is an extremely important record for my soul at this point in my life. Every day, I’ve been facing this process of self-betterment and striving to become the best artist and person that I can be rather than fearing that I won’t achieve my goals, which makes me feel like I’m climbing up a never-ending stairway. It makes this record even more special to have the energy of Slow J, since he’s one of my closest friends in music and is also an artist that I look up to immensely.”

The music video was shot in Lisbon and directed/edited by Made in Lx, produced by Sente Isto and features the talented dancer Elohim Atons performing an evocative dance routine. Holly and Slow J also appear in the video, connecting with the audience through imagery.

You can listen to Encontrar feat. Slow J from the link below!

Mild Minds embraces the unconventional in ‘Embracer’

Mild Minds embraces the unconventional in ‘Embracer’

Filled with stunning ambience and a variety of delicate keys, Mild Minds releases his first single of 2019, ‘Embracer’. The latest project to come from Australian production master Benjamin David, Mild Minds creates with the intention of exploring radiant textures. Focusing on activating a variety of elements from downtempo electronica to classical strings, the producer creates an unconventional single.

Mild Minds builds a visionary soundscape that envelops the listener. His slow and wistful approach to the track makes for a left-field composition that explores sonically rich territories. With the help of Foreign Family Collective, Mild Minds crafts a venture that surpasses the current boundaries of electronic music. As the producer continues to expand upon his project we look forward to seeing what other original releases he has in store this year. The producer kicks off 2019 with an extensive tour around the United States with Big Wild, bringing his innovative project to the stage.

Be sure to check out tour dates below and keep up with the artist.

Mild Minds Tour Dates with Big Wild:

06 MAR – The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
07 MAR – The Observatory – San Diego, CA
08 MAR – The Novo – Los Angeles, CA
09 MAR – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
10 MAR – Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA
13 MAR – Arcata Theatre – Arcata, CA
14 MAR – McDonald Theatre – Eugene, OR
15 MAR – Roseland Theatre – Portland, OR
16 MAR – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
20 MAR – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
21 MAR – Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
22 MAR – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
23 MAR – Majestic Theatre – Detroit, MI
27 MAR – Royale – Boston, MA
28 MAR – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
29 MAR – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
30 MAR- Terminal 5 – New York, NY

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Brasstracks Drop Dynamic New EP: “Before We Go”

Brasstracks Drop Dynamic New EP: “Before We Go”

Among the best the Big Apple has to offer, Brasstracks dropped their brand new EP entitled “Before We Go”.

Unlike most current hip-hop, Brasstracks new EP continued their relationship with live instrumentation, rather than drum machines and synths. Ivan and Conor have created a signature blend, infusing R&B soul with live horns, percussion, and hard-hitting hip-hop.

Among the 7 songs on the EP, many featured rising artists from different genres including: R.Lum.R, Grace, Pell and Charles Gaines. The variety of Features demonstrated Brasstracks musical versatility. Tapping into more genres than ever before, while maintaining their unique sound, Brasstracks conjured their most ambitious project yet.  

Brasstracks shared some words about their upcoming EP and plans afterward:

“We’re BEYOND excited to share this music with you, but we realized you may not know what this project is all about, or the story behind some of the songs. Most people have so far thought that “Before We Go” is some sort of sign of our hiatus or of us splitting up as a band. Exactly what we wanted to you to believe, but it’s certainly the opposite of what’s going on. Truthfully, we just needed to get these songs to everyone, “Before We Go” start and finish an album. Our journey has only begun. It’s going to take some time, and we promise not to starve you guys with music – but that’s the root of it.

For Those Who Know was for our fans who stuck with us through an awkward transition from electronic and bombastic to more live and nuanced, from Soundcloud to Spotify and Apple, etc. Before We Go is a declaration for not just our fans, but for everyone, that we are here to stay, and the next project is going to be even bigger.”

Before We Go Tracklist:

1. Will We Ever Know (Intro)

2. Everything I Got (feat. Anthony Flammia)

3. Follows (feat. Grace)

4. Vibrant (feat. Pell)

5. I’m Alright (feat. R.Lum.R)

6. Snowdaze (feat. Charles Gaines)

7. Will We Ever Know (Outro)

The Vibrant Tour (remaining dates)

February 22nd – San Diego, CA – Music Box

February 23rd – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine

February 27th – Vancouver, BC – Imperial

February 28th – Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo House Of Music

March 1st – Seattle, WA – Neumos

March 2nd – Portland, OR – Star Theater Portland

March 5th – Boise, ID – Reef

March 6th – Las Vegas, NV – The Bunkhouse Saloon

March 7th – Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall

March 9th – Denver, CO – Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom