Arnold & Lane Jump on DIRTYBIRD with ‘Dinky Whale’

Today, Arnold & Lane take their relationship with DIRTYBIRD to the next step with their first full EP on the label, ‘Dinky Whale.’ The two-tracker follows up the duo’s debut via the 2020 ‘Couchout Compilation,’ as well as various live stream appearances on DIRTYBIRD TV.

‘Dinky Whale’ encapsulates the buoyant, tech-fueled sound that the flock has come to love in recent years, beginning with a title track whose off-kilter sound effects, deepened vocals, and zippy bassline bounce around the ears. With an explosive post-breakdown section, “Dinky Whale” was designed for dancefloor destruction. “That’s House Music” starts off with a trip to nostalgia via its central vocal clip, building itself into a grooving composition with a hefty low-end and hypnotic synthwork.

Arnold & Lane met and bonded over their mutual love of all things bass and house, eventually fine tuning their sound into the club friendly blend of genres they’re known for today. Outside their ties to DIRTYBIRD—which also includes a slot in the upcoming CampINN event from May 14-17—the duo have become regulars in AC Slater’s Night Bass fold, and have additionally signed records to the likes of Box of Cats and Dumb Fat. Expect to see them continuing to make waves on the event circuit as the world continues its transition back to normalcy.

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