Seth Troxler, Amelie Lens, Recondite Highlight Oasis 2019 Phase 2 Lineup

Seth Troxler, Amelie Lens, Recondite Highlight Oasis 2019 Phase 2 Lineup

North Africa’s premiere electronic music festival Oasis just released the second phase of its 2019 artist lineup. Oasis celebrates its 5th year with a curated roster of both local and international talent, bringing some of the best of dance music to the city of Marrakech on September 13-15.

Phase two is highlighted by a trio of Oasis first-timers. Detroit-based DJ Seth Troxler comes in with an unmistakably unique techno indie-rock fusion, along with breakout Belgian sensation Amelie Lens and live techno pioneer Recondite. Festivalgoers will also be treated to a pair of dreamy live sets from Kosh and Sebastian Mullaert, who entrance crowds with their ambient downtempo production.

Returning to the Oasis stage are a pair of local club favorites. Driss Bennis, the owner of music label Casa Voyager, hits the stage with an electro-house fusion, and Bassam rolls through with chill downtempo vibes. Also making appearances are Casablancan DJs Yasmean and Jessin, along with heavy-hitting dance acts Mozhgan and Carista.

These names come on the heels of an already loaded phase one lineup that announced performances from Four Tet, Apollonia, Âme B2B Dixon, Sonja Moonear, Mall Grab, Loco Dice, Jayda Gand many more.

Additionally, attendees can enjoy a variety of wellness and cultural activities designed to bring the best of Morrocco to the Oasis grounds. Champagne and cocktail bars, spa and yoga stations, hookah lounges, and fine local cuisine booths are just some of the delights festivalgoers can expect, not to mention a supplemental pre-festival surf trip Find Your Oasis: Vitamin Sea at world-famous Anchor Point.

Over the years, Oasis has established itself as an organic intersection of music, art, and culture. With a curated lineup of artists and activities and even more to be announced, Oasis looks to make 2019 its best year to date. Buy your tickets for September 13-15 now and join in on the fun!

ZOMA Is The Future Of Cannabis

ZOMA Is The Future Of Cannabis

Weed culture in california has recently experienced a massive expanse since the herb’s legalization. With many so many new 420 brands popping up, it may be difficult to differentiate between them and know what’s worth looking into. ZOMA is a cut above the rest in the green industry because they emphasize organic cultivation and high quality herb. They offer an assortment of tasty products ranging from flower to extracts & more!

Zoma’s founder Spencer Peterson started zoma with the mission to educate consumers on organic cannabis. He approaches cannabis from the perspective of both lifestyle and medical users, offering both CBD & THC products. With so many quality strains and luxe packaging there’s no question why ZOMA is populating stores statewide.

Check out their innovative line of herb goodness here.

Geller Drops his Debut Album “Astral Plane”

Geller Drops his Debut Album “Astral Plane”

Geller’s debut album Astral Plane is here, and it is nothing short of spectacular. After making
some noise in the SoundCloud beat-making scene for the since 2016, the 18 year-old producer went into a year-long hibernation from releasing music to craft what he calls “a perfect representation” of the emotions he has felt in the last year.

“Dealing with and depression and anxiety could be seen by a lot of people as a handicap, but honestly it was sort of to my advantage in making this album,” Geller says. “After my father passed away in 2017, I needed some way to express my emotions. Everything I was feeling just felt trapped inside of me, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the words to
describe my emotions to doctors, friends, and family.”

– Austin Geller
Photo Credit: Conner Savage

Just shy of 45 minutes, the 11-track album takes us on an adventure through various moods and atmospheres. The short intro to the album, “Dreamstate,” insinuates falling asleep, or potentially leaving the physical realm and entering “the astral plane.” The bright and luscious synths on the track “Rewind” set the tone for the intergalactic adventure the album is about to take listeners on. The tracks “Every Girl” and “Contour Lines” shed light on brief happiness found in reminiscing over a lover from the past. Only to be contradicted by the dark, abrasive, loneliness of “Wasteland,” “Lullabies,” and “Wounded,” which serve as a sort of nightmare sequence in the dream that is the album. All to be concluded by the optimistic tone of the tracks “Eternal Sunshine,” and “Until Then.”

“As I was making this album, I really wanted to create this world where people could escape. I’ve always been very interested in dreams, so I thought having an album about one elongated dream would be the best way to do that.”

– Geller
Photo credit: Asher Grossman

Certainly a breath of fresh air, the album blends sounds of many genres—many of which are unorthodox for electronic music—into one opus piece. Astral Plane debuted at #7 on the U.S. iTunes Dance Music Chart upon its release on December 21, 2018, and has thus far been consigned by the likes of Kaskade and Sam Gellaitry. The album can be streamed or bought on all platforms. Listen below on Spotify and be sure to follow Geller on instagram here.

JOYRYDE Releases New Single, “YUCK” Featuring GOLD from upcoming album on HARD Recs

JOYRYDE Releases New Single, “YUCK” Featuring GOLD from upcoming album on HARD Recs

Today, JOYRYDE released the second single from his forthcoming album, “BRAVE,” on HARD Recs. The artist released the high-energy dub track, “I’M GONE” last month and the new single, titled “YUCK,” features rapper GOLD is just as much of a banger.

Chicago rapper GOLD comes in on the track with fiery verses to compliment the bass-heavy foundation built by JOYRYDE. The lyrics already carry so much meaning and emotion, but the mastery of JOYRYDE’s production elevates the track to another level of genius. JOYRYDE really layers on the filth for this one but does so in a tasteful way that doesn’t overpower the lyrics. As the song progresses, it only gets harder, faster, and more intense. JOYRYDE leaves us hanging with an atypical crescendo-style ending, which makes us excited the upcoming album! Give it a listen.

Morpei releases Groovy EP on Desert Hearts Records

Morpei releases Groovy EP on Desert Hearts Records

Born in Bolivia, Morpei hustled to make a name for himself on the global stage at a very young age. He found success in his home country at just 16 years old and once he turned 18 he moved to the US to dive into his music career. This is already the second time we’ve seen the artist on Desert Hearts Records, and “Desert Faith” is his first full EP on the label.

The two-track EP has that retro-turned-modern vibe that Morpei is known for. The opener, “Faith in Groove,” is infused with tribal drum elements, punchy bass lines, and jazzy old-school electric keyboard synths. The second song on the EP, “Desert Worship,” is a soulful track punctuated with acid lines and funky synths that force body movement.

“Desert Faith” seems to be the manifestation of all Morpei’s hard work and a mastery of his signature style. The EP is such a fun addition to the Desert Hearts label, and further solidifies Morpei’s place a the funk-house king.

Roy Rosenfeld Releases Stunning EP, “Rumbala,” on ADID label

Roy Rosenfeld Releases Stunning EP, “Rumbala,” on ADID label

Roy Rosenfeld burst out of the underground scene in Israel to become a globally recognized talent, and thank goodness he did. Rosenfeld has returned to All Day I Dream for an alluring four-track EP that fits right in with the label’s mystical, emotive, and unique approach to deep house.

“Rumbala” makes the hair on your skin stand up. It makes your body tingle. It wakes up all your senses. It tells a story of darkness to light. It’s both creepy and beautiful, and it could be Rosenfeld’s best work to date. Each track beautifully portrays an emotion— melancholy, desire, curiosity, or pure bliss— without any gimmicks or added lyrics. “Rumbala” is deep house in its raw form, yet at the same time seems to push the boundaries for what the genre can hold.

Rosenfeld has always believed that music should not be “one note.” The artist strives to break the rules and inspire uniqueness. This EP is a triumph of that mission. “Rumbala” allows the listener to be totally present, and in doing so, allows for an escape.

Prime Social Group Drops 2019 Festival Calendar

Prime Social Group Drops 2019 Festival Calendar

Prime Social Group just announced dates for its eleven upcoming 2019 music festivals. In recent years, the promoter has brought hip-hop and dance A-listers such as Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, The Chainsmokers, and Galantis to stages across the country. Now on the strength of a newly expanded festival calendar, 2019 looks to be Prime Social Group’s biggest year to date.

Festival season kicks off on April 13th with the 17th iteration of #FEST in Athens, Ohio, featuring headliners Rae Sremmurd, Rich the Kid, Flipp Dinero, Shaun Frank, and many more.

Next up is Prime’s self-titled PRIME Music Festival, coming to Raleigh on May 17-18 and Lansing on September 20-21. Four installments of Breakaway dominate the 2019 calendar, as the festival will split time in Columbus and Grand Rapids on August 23-24 before heading to Charlotte and Nashville in mid-October.

Prime will close out the month with three versions of their Halloween-themed Haunted Fest, taking place in Grand Rapids and Columbus on the 25th and in Indianapolis on the 26th. Also in Columbus is the debut of Prime’s two-day New Years celebration Timeless on December 27-28 to close out the 2019 calendar.

All Day I Dream Announces 2019 World Tour Dates

All Day I Dream Announces 2019 World Tour Dates

All Day I Dream has a distinct way of presenting music that aims to put the listener into a state of pure bliss and tranquility. As such, fans everywhere can rejoice in the announcement of the label’s 2019 world tour. ADID’s ability to delicately yet deliberately touch the soul with ethereal décor and emotive soundtracking is unparalleled and inspiring.

This year All Day I Dream is hitting all the usual spots with its island residencies in Mykonos and Ibiza, as well as major cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco, London, Moscow, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dubai, St. Petersburg, and Toronto, among others. The current listed cities and dates will only grow as we get deeper into 2019.

Label boss and genius Lee Burridge has kept himself busy thus far with not only the world tour but with a return to the Radio 1 decks for a new Essential Mix featuring label newcomers and seasoned veterans. Some new artists featured on the mix include Roy Rosenfeld, DSF, Newman, innovative duo Double Touch, and Facundo Mohrr. All of these artists create expressive and melodic music that’s impacting the deep house scene and redefining the genre altogether.

Beloved family members like Lost Desert, YokoO, Oona Dahl, and Hoj are also on the mix, helping to shape the one-of-a-kind ADID sound. The mix is dreamy, filled with unreleased tracks, entrancing, and mystical: all things you can expect from any ADID show on the world tour.

For more information about the tour and who’s playing, visit and snag a ticket to experience the magic for yourself.

Tour Dates:

Jan 2: Tulum, MX – Sunset Beach @ Caleta Tankah

Jan 25: Dubai, UAE – SOHO Beach

Jan 27: London, UK – Fabric

Mar 8: Dubai, UAE – SOHO Beach

Mar 29: Miami, FL – Delano South Beach

May 3:  Dubai, UAE – SOHO Beach

May 23: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

May 25: Moscow, RU – TBD

May 26: St Petersburg, RU – TBD

Jun 1: Denver, CO – Sculpture Park

Jun 9: New York, NY – Brooklyn Mirag

Jun 15: Los Angeles, CA  – Gin Ling Way

Jun 22: San Francisco, CA  – Golden Gate Park

Jun 27: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

July 5: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

Jul 11: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

Jul 13: Toronto, ON – Fort York

Jul 18: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

Aug 1: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

Aug 8: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

Sep 20: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

Sep 21: Chicago, IL – TBD

Sep 28: Oakland, CA  – Middle Shoreline Park

Oct 12: Itajaí, BR – Warung Beach Club

Good Society Brings a New Wave of Artists to the Live Scene

Good Society Brings a New Wave of Artists to the Live Scene

In the midst of Los Angeles’ endlessly buzzing music scene, Good Society gathers the culture for artists to strut their lesser known mastery. From exclusive track releases to shows with live performances it’s all brought together by one guy trying to makes waves in the local scene.

“I want to create a space in the Hip Hop & Electronic scene where the impact and originality of an artist’s music is as important as what’s being popularized on the radio. Good Society aims to push the underground and challenge listeners to discover more about themselves.”

– Josh Yamini, Founder

Amongst multiple listening parties and their first public show, “On a Good Note” they are now following through with “Beneath Waves” an underground concert for charity. In collaboration with DoLA, they are featuring a double headliner show with the well recognized chromonicci. and Chillhop Records’ beatsmith Sofasound. Amongst many other talented artists this show will be a themed and well curated underground Hip Hop/ Electronic show that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to check out some music by the artists below and RSVP to the show here!
Wave Spell Live is Getting Bigger and Better in 2019

Wave Spell Live is Getting Bigger and Better in 2019

Wave Spell Live is pulling out all the stops in its sophomore year, as electronic music collective Sound Tribe Sector 9 revealed a star-studded lineup of performers for the festivals 2019 event this August 15-18. After debuting in Belden Town Resort in Northern California last year, Wave Spell Live is returning with a heavily curated lineup of artists and events to culminate a fully immersive festival experience.

The 2019 lineup features live electronica group The New Deal, Dirtybird’s Christian Martin, and a Desert Hearts takeover from Marbs, Rybo, and Lubelski. Artists including Russ Liquid, Bluetech, Thriftworks, and Random Rab will be bringing the bass to the round out the outstanding lineup.

At the heart of the event are nine different STS9 sets spread across the festival weekend, including three fully improvised ‘Wave Spell’ sets, a brilliant exploration of the groups’ diversity and talent.

Wave Spell Live will also see a slew of additional activities such as interactive art installations, live painting sessions, morning yoga classes, and swimming in Belden Town’s iconic Feather River.

Be sure to grab your tickets for August 15-18 now so you don’t miss out on all the fun!