Morpei releases Groovy EP on Desert Hearts Records

Born in Bolivia, Morpei hustled to make a name for himself on the global stage at a very young age. He found success in his home country at just 16 years old and once he turned 18 he moved to the US to dive into his music career. This is already the second time we’ve seen the artist on Desert Hearts Records, and “Desert Faith” is his first full EP on the label.

The two-track EP has that retro-turned-modern vibe that Morpei is known for. The opener, “Faith in Groove,” is infused with tribal drum elements, punchy bass lines, and jazzy old-school electric keyboard synths. The second song on the EP, “Desert Worship,” is a soulful track punctuated with acid lines and funky synths that force body movement.

“Desert Faith” seems to be the manifestation of all Morpei’s hard work and a mastery of his signature style. The EP is such a fun addition to the Desert Hearts label, and further solidifies Morpei’s place a the funk-house king.

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