Holly Taps Gunplay for OKAY! KENJI-assisted Single “On Me”

Holly Taps Gunplay for OKAY! KENJI-assisted Single “On Me”

Holly has recruited Gunplay and OKAY! KENJI for his new single On Me, out today. On Me is the 3rd single that Holly has released from his upcoming EP on Insomniac Records, Alameda 1000, dropping September 13th. On Me featured Gunplay at his best, reminding his enemies that he’s not one to play with, flowing seamlessly over Holly’s bass-heavy production, with additional production credits from the Atlanta-based producer OKAY! KENJI.

“Gunplay has been one of my favorite rappers since I first heard “Ghetto Symphony” in 2013. It’s crazy how I used to listen to his music before I even began making music on my own, and now we’re on the same record together. I can’t thank OKAY! KENJI enough for helping bring this track to life as well.” – remarks Holly on his collab with Gunplay and OKAY! KENJI

Holly is a Portuguese producer who frequently merges hip-hop and bass/trap music, establishing himself as one of the more forward thinking producers and the saturated world of EDM. Previously released singles from this new EP include Till I Die feat. A$AP TyY and NXSTY , and Through Me. Holly made his debut performance at EDC Las Vegas and Coachella earlier this year, two iconic festivals in the touring circuit, and will also be playing at EDC Korea at the end of August.

Stream Holly’s new collaboration with Gunplay & OKAY! KENJI below and stay on the lookout for the Alameda 1000 EP, on September 13th:

AVALON Hollywood Welcomes Rising Stars Ship Wrek and JVST SAY YES as February’s First Guests

AVALON Hollywood Welcomes Rising Stars Ship Wrek and JVST SAY YES as February’s First Guests

To properly kick off your February, AVALON Hollywood is welcoming incredible musical guests for CONTROL Friday, including the rising duo Ship Wrek and seasoned EDM veteran, JVST SAY YES.

Ship Wrek is set to open the show and promises a groovy start to the evening. The pair has a knack for producing quirky music that satisfies dub-lovers while giving their songs a pop-music edge that’s perfect for dancing in the club. Ship Wrek’s music is high-energy and the two artists win over the hearts of the crowd by remixing the best pop music of the moment while remaining unique.

JVST SAY YES is no stranger to AVALON Hollywood. The artist has played at festivals and shows all over the country and shows his mastery as a bass house and dubstep producer at every event he graces. While the artist has many well-known tracks, including his version of Ill Behavior in 2015, JVST SAY YES is most well known for his single “Switch” on Disciple Records. While JVST SAY YES’ set will compliment Ship Wrek’s opener, you can expect more bass, heavier dubstep, and harder headbanging.

Start your February with this curated CONTROL Friday and help celebrate electronic music with the prestigious AVALON Hollywood club. Grab your tickets here.

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Wuki Re-Releases Bootytech Single, ‘She Got Some’ feat. Jay Davi

Wuki Re-Releases Bootytech Single, ‘She Got Some’ feat. Jay Davi

Wuki has unveiled a brand new reprise of his song, ‘She Got Some’ feat. Jay Davi, reworking one of his most beloved tracks to date. The reprised version of ‘She Got Some’ is the latest release on Wuki’s new label, Wukileaks, and just the second release from the label’s debut project, Wukipedia Vol. 1, following up ‘Chop It’ feat. Bri Berlay.

‘She Got Some’ is an upbeat booty-house tune that will ratched up the energy on just about any dancefloor. Wuki previously released the song a couple years ago, but has now unleashed a brand new rework that enhances the sonic qualities that made Wuki’s loyal legion of followers fall in love with the track in the first place. The reprised version of ‘She Got Some’ takes on an even more trap-infused direction, with a filthy brass drop that should have booties shaking even harder than the original.

Stream Wuki’s reprise of ‘She Got Some’ feat. Jay Davi below:

Chuurch Team Up With Blak Trash on New Single: Erase The Pain

Chuurch Team Up With Blak Trash on New Single: Erase The Pain

Chuurch are a little known Canadian production duo with a big future ahead of them. With previous releases on This Ain’t Bristol, Perfect Driver and Deadbeats – the Calgary-based duo are gearing up to release their Uunion EP on NEST this Friday as a free download.

Today, they’ve teased the forthcoming EP by dropping a new single: Erase The Pain feat. Blak Trash. Chuurch teamed up with Blak Trash, a Northern California-based rap duo who’s hypnotizing, monotonous flows pairs perfectly with Chuurch’s minimalist production.

This song bangs so hard, we kinda wish Blak Trash would release a full project purely filled with Chuurch production. For the meantime, we’ll settle for the forthcoming Uunion EP that Chuurch is dropping as a free download on NEST, this Friday

Stream Erase The Pain feat. Blak Trash below:

Mayhem x Antiserum – Shelter (Ft Bulletproof)

Mayhem x Antiserum – Shelter (Ft Bulletproof)

Well it looks like they wrote the blog post for me. Check out the ridiculously long description + a bonus track from their “Seven Deadly Sins’ EP. down below! This shit bangs!

Level 99 trap wizards and longtime collaborators Mayhem and Antiserum are taking their sound to the next level with the forthcoming ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ release. Coinciding with a ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ North American tour, the ante-upping seven-track EP will be available from October 21st. As a thank you to their fans, the duo will be dropping a free download per day via SoundCloud until the release is uploaded in full. Finally, the EP delivers to Amazon, Apple Music, Beatport, GooglePlay, iTunes, Spotify in addition to other major retailers and streaming services on October 29th.

The package consists of 7 genre defying hybrid tunes with a variety of flavors and colors. Each individual track has been carefully crafted to work not only in a dance floor context but also as a cohesive journey, taking the listener through a world of sin to a hopeful place in seven different shades. Elements of the two artist’s past productions and influences collide with several previously untapped styles, introducing themselves to their repertoire. Ricky Remedy, MACTurnUp, and Bulletproof each separately join the duo as hand-selected features for three of the records on the EP.

Mayhem and Antiserum have also announced their first ever co-headlining North American tour with the seven track release. The two will make their way through 30 cities across the states and into Canada. Notable stops on the #7DSTOUR include the ‘Hallow Freakn Ween Festival’ for Global Dance in Denver on Oct 31st, the legendary “Control” at Avalon in Los Angeles on Nov 6, and for Catharsis Collective at Soundgarden Hall in Philadelphia on Dec 11. Tickets and a full listing of tour dates are available now at sevendeadlysinstour.com

The tracklisting for Seven Deadly Sins is as follows:
1. Mayhem x Antiserum – Seven Deadly Sins
2. Mayhem x Antiserum – Sweat
3. Mayhem x Antiserum – Shelter (featuring Bulletproof)
4. Mayhem x Antiserum – Breaking In (featuring MACTurnUp)
5. Mayhem x Antiserum – MPR
6. Mayhem x Antiserum – Check (featuring Ricky Remedy)
7. Mayhem x Antiserum – Give It Time

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Feeling This – #5

Feeling This – #5

22 hand picked tracks from last week. I think you might find some surprises on this weeks list which included several artists with less than 1,000 followers on Soundcloud. If you had to pick an MVP of week 6, who would it be? I’m going to start writing features on the artists with the most popular tracks. This will probably start next week.

Leave your picks in the comments.

1. StéLouseCloser
2. gylzey supernova feat. irahnik
3. Tom MischHome
4. SuperBeats. – Tim Legend – You
5. Secret cratesBetrayal
6. Zuper Doin some ill shit..
7. Saaj ‏ Karma
8. Saaj ‏ – Slo-Down
9. kylexDenouement
10. monte bookermay (ft. ravyn lenae)
11. v a s s hinside of u…
12. 20syl Dust Clouds
13. SoySauce – Thug Panda (Delamare Remix)
14. glxypromise
15. Punta RosaZZon
16. Deffie x Masego ~ Toot That Thang
17. Ashanti – Movies (Feo Re-think)
18. Tim legendsongs of solomon
19. Zach Dufresnebluesberry road
21. zayyaf ancient
22. ZikomoJanet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (Zikomo Remix)

San Holo – Victory EP

San Holo – Victory EP

Monstercat continues to work with some of the best producers on earth including the man behind this post, Dutch born San Holo. His Victory EP is just brilliant. The production quality and melody selections are top tier and I would pay good money to see this guy live. The only issue I have with this project is that it’s only 3 tracks long! I first heard the title track “Victory” about a week ago and decided to wait for the full release before posting. I know I’ve posted a lot of EPs today but you can’t slow this music down and as long as it keeps coming my way, I’ll do my best to keep it going out to you. Enjoy!

01. Victory: monster.cat/1bsYZd8
02. Hold Fast (feat. Tessa Douwstra)
03. Shrooms

Follow San Holo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sanholobeats
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sanholobeats
Soundcloud: @sanholobeats
YouTube: www.youtube.com/sanholobeats
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sanholobeats

Support on iTunes: monster.cat/1cWBOJf
Support on Beatport: monster.cat/1cWA8j4
Support on Bandcamp: monster.cat/1EapAmF

Watch “Victory” on YouTube: monster.cat/1bsYZd8
Watch “Hold Fast” on YouTube: monster.cat/1KvqMJk
Listen on Spotify: monster.cat/1PIevES


Persian Empire – DONC (EP)

Persian Empire – DONC (EP)

Damn this entire project just just so dope, This is my first taste of the work of Sam Khatam aka “Persian Empire” and I know it will not be my last.  Germany has always been known for it’s talented producers in electronic music but I don’t think I’ve ever heard somebody with beats like this come out of Deutschland before.  I love his use of samples on his tracks which is often missing in a lot of today’s “Bass” or “future bass” music. Check out his bio and links below and support “DONC” with a dl from his bandcamp page. Straight fire right here!





Sam Khatam better known as Persian Empire is a young upcoming producer from Germany.
Music was always a big influence in Sam’s life, therefore it’s hard to date the beginning of Persian Empire. After traditional music lessons in his youth, Sam discovered the great variety of the electronic music scene, which he became acquainted with.

In 2011 he started to produce his own compositions, by using selfmade sounds along with edited samples. The self-taught artist deconstructs the traditional structure of music and transforms his samples into a detailed electronic sound. Smooth synthesizers, deep bass beats and experimental vocals create harmonic compositions, which extend the diversity of the “bass” and “2-step” genre. When he isn’t producing his own music, Sam is collaborating with selected artists from around the world and gets featured in numerous blogs and mixes.
In a short period of time he found his own way of expression to meet with good response within the community.

MISOGI – Pink2 (ep)

MISOGI – Pink2 (ep)

I’ve only been following MISOGI for a couple of months and everything I have experienced thus far has just been a pure joy to listen to. There isn’t a lot of info out about this mysterious producer but as I like to say a lot these days, the music speaks for its self. The vibe of this 6 track ep is full on future feels. You can close your eyes to this and go wherever you need to go, be it a state of focus and deep concentration or a lost world of distraction. There is a steady balance of good vs evil through out the entire project with plenty dark, almost medieval trap vibes, paired beautifully with synths that seem almost angelic at times. This is exactly what I want to hear from a “future bass” type of ep and I think Misogi has the potential to take this whole style of production to another level if he continues to build off of this solid foundation. Check it out for yourself and feel free to donate some fundage at the links below. These producers have to eat too ya know.

Check out more of MISOGI’s work here.

Download: MISOGI – Pink2 

From Soundcloud:

Download (Donate / Free):
OR tinyurl.com/PINK2EP


Art By Misogi & HKCovers