Rising Pop Icon Luke Darling Announces Second Single and Gen Z Anthem: Dreams

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Luke Darling Dreams

Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Musical prodigy and rising pop icon Luke Darling announces the release of his second single, Dreams, an anthem for Gen Z that evokes the spirit of resistance to authority and a declaration of independence to the naysayers who deter them. Luke Darling’s Dreams captures the passion and determination that propels every dreamer forward, Gen Z or otherwise.

With a powerful rhythm and a chorus that begs to be chanted, Dreams perfectly captures the ownership of personal power to which we can all relate, in the spirit of Miley Cyrus’ Flowers.

Luke Darling elaborates on this by saying, Dreams is one of my most honest songs. I strive to give as much passion as I can to the music that I make in hopes that others can relate. It’s really about doing things your own way and finding your own path when things get tough.”

Being the innovative multi-instrumentalist that Darling is, he masterfully combines the precision of a modern studio with the untarnished spirit of classic records on Dreams. He grew up in the City of Philadelphia and began developing his genre-bending production, writing, and performance skills at a young age, culminating in left-of-center pop that is timeless yet immediate, ambitious yet deeply relatable. Darling is the total pop package in the tradition of the icons: his artistic genius evokes the greats in a thoroughly modern and deeply authentic way. 

When it comes to writing, producing and recording music, Luke Darling has a unique gift. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered in his small Los Angeles apartment with only the help of his older brother, Luke Darling truly embodies his message repeated throughout the chorus of the song: “I don’t want to go that way.”  With a palpable and uncommonly powerful vulnerability and generation-bridging sound, Darling will capture your heart and soul, and will have you believing in him, and yourself, with every note. 

Courtesy of Appa Entertainment, Luke Darling’s powerful second single Dreams will be available on all music streaming platforms February 23, 2024. 

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Enigmatic Rapper NiVo Drops New Single: and I know

Enigmatic Rapper NiVo Drops New Single: and I know

NYC-based rapper NiVo has today released a new single: and I knowNiVo showcases his knack for melodies on the track, crooning over a playfully refined trap beat. NiVo makes expert use of autotune and reverb, allowing his vocals to take center stage in the mix.

and I know revolves around themes of transparency and communication. NiVo’s noticed how women have started to treat him differently, as his music career evolves. He makes it clear that he’s always going to be straight-up with his intentions and he expects his love interests to do the same.

“And I know is for anyone who has communication issues with a potential partner. It’s meant to just encourage people to stop caring so much and just cut to the point!” 

and I know is NiVo’s second release of September, having released Back In My Back just a few weeks prior. NiVo is part of the NYC/Dubai-based record label and collective Nuit Sans Fin.

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The First of Color-Themed EPs: Red EP by Alexander Lewis is Out

The First of Color-Themed EPs: Red EP by Alexander Lewis is Out

Alexander Lewis just dropped his long waited 6-track project – Red EP – and his signature trombone melodies still play a significant role with the addition of new production elements he incorporated. Lewis has been experimenting with Hip-Hop lately, and this new project that’ll be the first in a series of color themed EPs is no exception. Trained ears can still trace back to Lewis’ EDM roots from the implementation of elaborately designed risers and a grandiose song structure. Although Red EP isn’t the first time that Lewis experimented with Hip-Hop, it still signifies the start of a new chapter in terms of Lewis’ dedication and passion for producing in the style of this flexible genre that offers a lot of space for creativity. 

Lewis decided to start off this cinematic experience with Soar, the latest single he released before the Red EP. Soar sets the mood for this epic journey with its theatrical and mysterious vibe. This climactic song is followed by Alexander the Great, a more enigmatic piece that offers insight on Lewis’ train of thought. It is one of the more personal pieces on the album with a dynamic pad melody and a continuous transition from trap to a simple, more intimate Hip-Hop sub-genre. But the track that reflects the complete truth of Alexander Lewis would be Left U On Red feat. JNTHN STEIN. The two talented producers collaborated on this song to display Lewis’ inner world through meticulously crafted sounds. The strings mainly function to make the piece more versatile but also warm and welcoming. The subtle implementation of string plucks make the song a more vibrant and lively one in comparison to a completely computer-generated track.

Lewis had the following to say about the Red EP:

“Red EP was a way for me go beyond the typical “trap trombone banger” and a way for me to dig even deeper with live instrumentation and blend it with electronic music. Red (being part 1 of a color series of EPs) is just another part of my musical influences and a way for me to showcase more depth in my music, not only as a producer but a composer and arranger. I wanted to give the listener a glimpse of what’s to come with mixing trap and more live instrumentation and foreshadow something I’ve always dreamed about doing; performing live with a full orchestra.”

Lewis’ previous work Omni EP hinted a shift in the producer’s style before, but Red EP makes this transition to Hip-Hop official. During this journey, Lewis also contributed on the production of some of Hip-Hop’s greatest hits like Juice WRLD’s banger Big and very recently he produced MAX’s Acid Dreams feat. Felly which premiered on NYLON. He also produced for several other big names like Normani, Rita Ora, YBN Cordae and The Underachievers. Lewis doesn’t forget about his Energy pals either as he’s producing B.Anderson and William $’s upcoming albums.

You should definitely check out this epic project by clicking here or from the web player below.

The 6 Year-Long Wait Is Over, Hayden James’ Debut Album Between Us Is Out Now

The 6 Year-Long Wait Is Over, Hayden James’ Debut Album Between Us Is Out Now

Australian producer Hayden James is back, and this time with his most ambitious long form project yet, the Between Us album released via Future Classic. James previewed the album last week at Sidney as he headlined in Curve Ball. The album reflects on James’ 6 year long journey building a fan base that earned him over 300 million streams. James is on the verge of sharing his music live with his audience through an Australian, U.S. and European tour, which will be kicked off this August in New Zealand.

With Between Us, the artist elevates his heavenly electronic melodies to a new level, heavily inspired by synth pop. The lead single for the album, Nowhere To Go feat. NAATIONS, forces the audience and dance to the rhythm with its groovy bassline.

James’ sound becomes more spacious as the low ends get amplified with the double-platinum song Just Friends feat. Boy Matthews. Then comes Better Together feat. Runnin Touch, an exotic dance song or rather the missing part of our lives that we have all been searching for.

The self-titled Between Us emphasizes Panama’s soft and passionate vocals and prepares the audience for another euphoric tune with playful melodies, Remember You feat. Elderbrook. Fans should also check out the beautiful visualizers, especially the soothing technicolor-esque visualizer for Between Us.

James is on his way to share a live experience with his audience through his upcoming Between Us tour, starting in August. He will be playing for his largest crowd ever at Los Angeles, New York, D.C. and San Francisco. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the alternative electronic artist live, get your ticket from Hayden James’ official website. You can also check out James’ new album by clicking here.

New Video From The Code Forces Us To ‘Slow Dance’ In Times Square

New Video From The Code Forces Us To ‘Slow Dance’ In Times Square

Merely weeks after the release of their new EP Mercury, The Code is back with a stunning audio-visual masterpiece for slowdancinginamerica.

The Code’s classic production style defies the conventional genre expectations, just as the unprecedented visuals used in the video offer a more post-modern twist to traditional music videos. The focus shifts from exciting visuals to two people dancing in front of a white backdrop, a sudden switch from grandiose effects to simplicity. The enticing dance performance gets streamed across te billboards in the Times Square as it keeps catching everyone’s attention.

The video’s innate complexity supports The Code’s notion that music has a potent effect that does not need to be bolstered by other sources of media.

The director for slowdancinginamerica was the legendary Joseph B. Carlin from TRANSFIXION who also directed the music video for The Code’s song moments and various other projects for XYLØ, CADE and Computer Magic.

Mercury EP is The Code’s most authentic work so far that also emphasizes their sole purpose of fostering a platform for original music free from the restrictions of classical genre expectations. moments, the lead single, has gained 450,000 streams and was premiered at 1Xtra by DJ Target.

The Code has a huge following as a revolutionary artist with their unique sound, but on another level of operation, The Code is also an amazing team player as they have collaborated with the likes of Miguel, Bryson Tiller, Quincy, Smokepurpp, Cassie, Les Twins, Justin Love and Kaleem Taylor.

The Code’s initial success with Gravity feat. G-Eazy was followed by other long format projects like Blue Electronica and Paramount, both have earned an accolade from outlets like Pigeons & Planes and The 405.

You can watch the music video for slowdancinginamerica from below:

FEATURE: Disko – The Concert Subscription App Fans Always Wanted

FEATURE: Disko – The Concert Subscription App Fans Always Wanted

Are you a music head that loves hitting up shows in your city, but can’t keep up with your wallet? It’s a good thing there’s Disko. This concert subscription service custom tailors the best shows in your city based on the artists and genres that you’re already into. The best part is, it keeps the costs associated with regular outings so much lower, which allows you to hit multiple shows monthly without breaking the bank. All you have to do is sign up for the show, get listed, and walk in hassle free.

The app features everything from warehouse parties and club shows to concerts and festivals, and while it’s only available in LA right now, they have plans to open up in other markets very soon.

With Disko, users are able to attend up to 4 shows per month for just $25 monthly or up to 8 concerts each with a +1 for $45 a month. The plus one feature of their higher tier is great for those pack leaders who tend to rally the gang for a night out. After seeing other apps like Jukely fall short from really being able to deliver what concert fans wanted with a subscription app for events, we have high hopes for Disko as they seem to be securing some really awesome events for their users.

You can download Disko from the app store here.

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VOILA Release New Single: “Don’t”

VOILA Release New Single: “Don’t”

If you haven’t heard of L.A.’s most promising new pop/rock duo, VOILÀ, you’re about to. Backed by a team of industry juggernauts and having opened for artists including Kesha, The Fray, X Ambassadors, Flume, and Martin Garrix, the duo is set to take over with their refreshing, relatable, and authentic sound. Today, with their brand-new single, Don’t, off their upcoming self-titled debut album, we get a glimpse of great things to come.

“Don’t” deals with subject matter we can all relate to: the bitter yearning and heartache of an unhealthy relationship that, in spite of all the warnings, neither party can escape. The power of the song comes from the personal experiences of the artists, Gus Ross and Luke Eisner.

“I can’t control who I fall for. I can only acknowledge and embrace the sensation of wanting what I know full well isn’t good for me.”
– Gus Ross

“Growing up, there was this willow tree in my front yard. I would always try to climb it, but it was tough. My parents would yell at me and say I was going to get hurt, my friends would say I was wasting my time, and I still have a scar from falling. But, what they didn’t know is that when you got to the top you could see the most beautiful view. A view that made you forget every reason you hated the climb. I fell in love with a girl that was like that willow tree.”
– Luke Eisner

Luke and Gus, who met at USC’s Thornton School of Music, bring two unique backgrounds into creative union. Hailing from London, lead singer Gus got his start in music busking in the streets, eventually rising to play gigs and festivals throughout London’s West End, even performing for the Queen. And from small-town Wisconsin, Luke found music through a passion for literature, building his voice as a lyricist and songwriter for a number of Midwest bands, while maintaining a professional modeling career in tandem with his music.

We are beyond excited for the fresh and authentic sound of VOILÀ, and can’t wait to watch them take over with more infectious hooks and catchy melodies.

Crooked Colours Releases Second Single ‘Do It Like You’ Off Upcoming LP

Crooked Colours Releases Second Single ‘Do It Like You’ Off Upcoming LP

As the Australian-trio makes their way through their U.S. headlining tour, they’ve now released a second single off of their forthcoming LP that is due to drop in 2019. This is an exciting follow up to the single “I’ll Be There” that was released 2 months ago as they were getting ready to head out on tour. It is an exciting release that the trio has described as the track that forged the sound of their new LP that they were striving for.

“‘Do It Like You’ was written on the road whilst we were touring Europe and it was the first track we wrote that really encompassed the sound we were chasing for the second record. Releasing and touring our first album gave us a real sense of what we enjoyed playing live and what made us feel most connected with our crowds. Finding direction was guided so much by the relationships we built with new fans and friends we made and that felt like the perfect fit for the second single to show.” – Phil, Crooked Colours

It is yet another example of the astronomically-rhythmic sounds that this talented group can put out. Filled with deep lyrics and edgy vocals, this track is has a dark side that turns light at the same time as an upbeat rhythm takes over. This release takes a slightly different path than the previous release ‘I’ll Be There’ and the remixes that followed, showing an arsenal of sounds that this trio has yet to deploy in the coming months.

You can catch the second half of Crooked Colours U.S. Tour as they grace their way across the country with dates still left in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Chicago. Grab your tickets now!

Stream ‘Do It Like You’ Below Now!

Remaining Tour Dates:

Nov. 1, 2018 – Santa Ana, California – Constellation Room
Nov. 2, 2018 – Los Angeles, California – El Ray Theatre
Nov. 3, 2018 – San Francisco, California – Great American Music Hall (GAMH)
Nov. 8, 2018 – Portland, Oregon – Holocene
Nov. 9, 2018 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Fortune
Nov. 10, 2018 – Seattle, Washington – Neumo’s
Nov. 13, 2018 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – 7th Street
Nov. 14, 2018 – Madison, Wisconsin – High Noon
Nov. 15, 2018 – Chicago, Illinois – Lincoln Hall

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Premiere Classe Debuts New Single “Out With The Old” by Gammer

Premiere Classe Debuts New Single “Out With The Old” by Gammer

Continuing in top-notch fashion, DJ Snake’s label Premiere Class releases yet another huge single, this time by U.K. producer Gammer titled “Out With The Old” Feat. Sam King. This comes following multiple tracks that have hit the top of the charts already on Premiere Class and this one is sure to not disappoint. Gammer delivers this track with a subtle and almost symphonic start that builds to a juicy and neck breaking drop. This track comes as a successor to his previous hit “The Drop” that gained him worldwide recognition and landed him spots at festivals such as EDC Mexico, EDC Las Vegas and Paradiso.

As mentioned before, this isn’t the first big track off of Premiere Classe. With others from 4B, Aazar, SAYMYNAME and many more, this is an elite class to be in and has been vitally successful since its beginning. You can expect many more from this label in the future as it continues to pump out festival anthems in the months to come.

Listen to “Out With the Old” (feat. Sam King) Below!

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Sammy Bananas releases dance-ready LP “Someday”

Sammy Bananas releases dance-ready LP “Someday”

New York based producer and Fool’s Gold favorite Sammy Bananas has returned with the funky LP “Someday”. After releasing several dazzling singles and a number of beloved bootlegs and remixes, he drops his debut full-length via the independent based Brooklyn label.

From the innocent days of blog house edits to official remixes for the likes of Chromeo, Tinashe and Maroon 5, Sammy has refined has unique combination of house and disco (“fun and flirty, grown and sexy, hype and hella fun” – Billboard), aided by a number of refreshing up and coming collaborators including BOSCO, Kaleena Zanders, Dent May and LaDonnis. (Hear them discuss the creative process on the Talking About Someday podcast.)

Sammy’s involvement in music only extends to DJs 4 Climate Action, an environmental protection initiative he founded in 2012. Popular acts such as Duck Sauce and Anna Lunoe join the ranks of DJs 4 Climate Action in proclaiming their dedication to protecting our planet’s future with the role of music.

In celebration of the albums release, Bananas will be hosting a party along side good company at the House of Yes 96/15), inviting along collaborators Kaleena Zanders and other album guests. Featuring sets from FG co-founder Nick Catchdubs the night is sure to consist of moving and grooving.

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