Enigmatic Rapper NiVo Drops New Single: and I know

Enigmatic Rapper NiVo Drops New Single: and I know

NYC-based rapper NiVo has today released a new single: and I knowNiVo showcases his knack for melodies on the track, crooning over a playfully refined trap beat. NiVo makes expert use of autotune and reverb, allowing his vocals to take center stage in the mix.

and I know revolves around themes of transparency and communication. NiVo’s noticed how women have started to treat him differently, as his music career evolves. He makes it clear that he’s always going to be straight-up with his intentions and he expects his love interests to do the same.

“And I know is for anyone who has communication issues with a potential partner. It’s meant to just encourage people to stop caring so much and just cut to the point!” 

and I know is NiVo’s second release of September, having released Back In My Back just a few weeks prior. NiVo is part of the NYC/Dubai-based record label and collective Nuit Sans Fin.

Follow NiVo on socials @Nivo1000 to stay up to date with one of hip-hop’s most promising young artists.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Takeover The Novo Tomorrow in LA

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Takeover The Novo Tomorrow in LA

The dynamic duo that brought us two of hip-hop’s best albums of the last 6 years is coming back to LA. If you have not heard their latest masterpiece “Bandana” yet, you need to wake the fuck up and fire up Spotify imediatly (you can do that by clicking right here).

Madlib has been once of my favorite producers since I discovered hip-hop for myself in 1998. While I had always been a fan of the stuff on the radio, it was Stones Throw records and the group Lootpack that really elevated me to another level as far as my hip-hop fandom was concerned. Over the years, Madlib has essentially produced the soundtrack to my life. His collaborations with artists like MF Doom, Jay Dee, and Talib Kweli are all time honored classics and his work with legends like Dilla pushed the envelope for todays young producers who seem to obsess over the sounds these guys created.

As far as Freddie Goes, I have covered him on this site since he started gaining traction on the blogosphere in 2007. I had first heard his raps from friends on message boards around 2004 or 5 but it wasn’t until he started touring that I really got a taste of his skill. A true lyricist with a flow and cadence all his own, Freddie got people talking about Gary Indiana for the first time since Michael Jackson emerged from the small midwestern hub.

So now that I have completely dated myself, it’s time to talk about the present. “Bandana” right now has a legit shot at being hip-hop’s album of the year so when I saw that the guys were playing in LA, I made sure my tickets were secured. You should do the same by buying yours from the link below for god’s sake listen to this album if you haven’t yet. You’re ears and brain will both thank you later.

Get your tickets here.

The War Is Over Thanks To Alexander Lewis’ New Single!

The War Is Over Thanks To Alexander Lewis’ New Single!

The talented LA-based producer Alexander Lewis does not only make music; he crafts art by combining his love for trombones with his advanced production techniques. Lewis’ seamless incorporation of trombones into his production caught the public eye a few years ago with the trombone remixes of Troyboi’s Flamez (Alexander Lewis remix) and Kanye’s All Of The Lights (Alexander Lewis remix). As a producer, Lewis is bringing innovation to the Hip-Hop world and expanding the limits of this highly praised genre.

Today, Lewis is back with Win the War feat. B Anderson, the first single from his upcoming project – The Red EP – which he’s planning to release this summer. While Win the War captures the essence of Lewis, it’s also indicates a transition in his production style from a rap-dance music production in his previous project Omni EP to a more hip-hop oriented style with The Red EP.

Lewis surpasses himself with Win the War by including a 12-piece band to record the brass section that resonates with ultimate harmony with the strong hip-hop beats he introduces. Apart from the brass section, the vocal mix is also one of the smoothest with Dallas-based rapper B Anderson chanting this glorious song and making the audience strive for victory. The low vocal melody and repetition for the phrases “I get mine, you get yours” utilized in the choruses helps to emphasize the outcome of the war, how the winner will be the one who puts the most effort and will reap what they sow.

Lewis recently produced Juice WRLD’s song Big and has another song lined up featuring Chief Keef and T-Shyne after the release of his EP. He has gained over millions of streams with his trombone take on songs, and now he is ready to gain much more with Win the War feat. B Anderson and eventually The Red EP.

Check out Win the War feat. B. Anderson on Soundcloud!

Holly Gets Personal With Fans In New Music Video

Holly Gets Personal With Fans In New Music Video

Today is a strong day for Holly, Portuguese producer/DJ, as he unveiled the music video for his new single Encontrar feat. Slow J. The hip/hop artist is building anticipation for his upcoming EP – Avenal 2500 – which will be released on May 17th. The EP is speculated to be a very introspective work, as it can be interpreted from the reflective nature of this new single. Holly decided to team up with his close friend and successful Portuguese rapper Slow J for the production of this personal project.

Holly describes the meaning of the song and working with Slow J with these words:

“’Encontrar’ is an extremely important record for my soul at this point in my life. Every day, I’ve been facing this process of self-betterment and striving to become the best artist and person that I can be rather than fearing that I won’t achieve my goals, which makes me feel like I’m climbing up a never-ending stairway. It makes this record even more special to have the energy of Slow J, since he’s one of my closest friends in music and is also an artist that I look up to immensely.”

The music video was shot in Lisbon and directed/edited by Made in Lx, produced by Sente Isto and features the talented dancer Elohim Atons performing an evocative dance routine. Holly and Slow J also appear in the video, connecting with the audience through imagery.

You can listen to Encontrar feat. Slow J from the link below!

JOYRYDE Releases New Single, “YUCK” Featuring GOLD from upcoming album on HARD Recs

JOYRYDE Releases New Single, “YUCK” Featuring GOLD from upcoming album on HARD Recs

Today, JOYRYDE released the second single from his forthcoming album, “BRAVE,” on HARD Recs. The artist released the high-energy dub track, “I’M GONE” last month and the new single, titled “YUCK,” features rapper GOLD is just as much of a banger.

Chicago rapper GOLD comes in on the track with fiery verses to compliment the bass-heavy foundation built by JOYRYDE. The lyrics already carry so much meaning and emotion, but the mastery of JOYRYDE’s production elevates the track to another level of genius. JOYRYDE really layers on the filth for this one but does so in a tasteful way that doesn’t overpower the lyrics. As the song progresses, it only gets harder, faster, and more intense. JOYRYDE leaves us hanging with an atypical crescendo-style ending, which makes us excited the upcoming album! Give it a listen.

Good Society Brings a New Wave of Artists to the Live Scene

Good Society Brings a New Wave of Artists to the Live Scene

In the midst of Los Angeles’ endlessly buzzing music scene, Good Society gathers the culture for artists to strut their lesser known mastery. From exclusive track releases to shows with live performances it’s all brought together by one guy trying to makes waves in the local scene.

“I want to create a space in the Hip Hop & Electronic scene where the impact and originality of an artist’s music is as important as what’s being popularized on the radio. Good Society aims to push the underground and challenge listeners to discover more about themselves.”

– Josh Yamini, Founder

Amongst multiple listening parties and their first public show, “On a Good Note” they are now following through with “Beneath Waves” an underground concert for charity. In collaboration with DoLA, they are featuring a double headliner show with the well recognized chromonicci. and Chillhop Records’ beatsmith Sofasound. Amongst many other talented artists this show will be a themed and well curated underground Hip Hop/ Electronic show that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to check out some music by the artists below and RSVP to the show here!

Mitch Geist Drops Stunning 30 Track Compilation “Flavors”

Mitch Geist Drops Stunning 30 Track Compilation “Flavors”

Mitch Geist recently dropped, “Flavors” which is a compilation of remixes, ideas, and loops that each supply a unique and swank vibe. This whopping 30 track project covers a spectrum of sounds from Gellaitry like synths to instrumental hip hop reminiscent of J Dilla. Mitch brings these elements together all with his own characteristic funk hop style and standout production.

My personal favorites from this compilation are, “When I Had Nothin’”, “ThassWhy”, and “WaterCountry” which was even used by apparel brand Rip n Dip to promote their new spring collection! Although many of these tracks may not be fully realised, the extensive mood and groove of the project are a complete journey reminiscent of Flying Lotus’, “Ideas+drafts+loops”.


If you’ve yet to give this lengthy compilation a listen, then it may suit you to indulge in parts. But one trip in LA traffic should be just enough to experience the hour and fourteen minute odyssey that is “Flavors.”

Check it out below and RSVP here to his performance at Good Society’s “Beneath Waves” on Friday, March 29th!

Brasstracks Drop Dynamic New EP: “Before We Go”

Brasstracks Drop Dynamic New EP: “Before We Go”

Among the best the Big Apple has to offer, Brasstracks dropped their brand new EP entitled “Before We Go”.

Unlike most current hip-hop, Brasstracks new EP continued their relationship with live instrumentation, rather than drum machines and synths. Ivan and Conor have created a signature blend, infusing R&B soul with live horns, percussion, and hard-hitting hip-hop.

Among the 7 songs on the EP, many featured rising artists from different genres including: R.Lum.R, Grace, Pell and Charles Gaines. The variety of Features demonstrated Brasstracks musical versatility. Tapping into more genres than ever before, while maintaining their unique sound, Brasstracks conjured their most ambitious project yet.  

Brasstracks shared some words about their upcoming EP and plans afterward:

“We’re BEYOND excited to share this music with you, but we realized you may not know what this project is all about, or the story behind some of the songs. Most people have so far thought that “Before We Go” is some sort of sign of our hiatus or of us splitting up as a band. Exactly what we wanted to you to believe, but it’s certainly the opposite of what’s going on. Truthfully, we just needed to get these songs to everyone, “Before We Go” start and finish an album. Our journey has only begun. It’s going to take some time, and we promise not to starve you guys with music – but that’s the root of it.

For Those Who Know was for our fans who stuck with us through an awkward transition from electronic and bombastic to more live and nuanced, from Soundcloud to Spotify and Apple, etc. Before We Go is a declaration for not just our fans, but for everyone, that we are here to stay, and the next project is going to be even bigger.”

Before We Go Tracklist:

1. Will We Ever Know (Intro)

2. Everything I Got (feat. Anthony Flammia)

3. Follows (feat. Grace)

4. Vibrant (feat. Pell)

5. I’m Alright (feat. R.Lum.R)

6. Snowdaze (feat. Charles Gaines)

7. Will We Ever Know (Outro)

The Vibrant Tour (remaining dates)

February 22nd – San Diego, CA – Music Box

February 23rd – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine

February 27th – Vancouver, BC – Imperial

February 28th – Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo House Of Music

March 1st – Seattle, WA – Neumos

March 2nd – Portland, OR – Star Theater Portland

March 5th – Boise, ID – Reef

March 6th – Las Vegas, NV – The Bunkhouse Saloon

March 7th – Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall

March 9th – Denver, CO – Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Breakaway Festival Returns for Four Editions in 2019

Breakaway Festival Returns for Four Editions in 2019

Prime Social Group has announced the return of the multi-city Breakaway Festival for 2019. It will take place on August 23rd and 24th in both Columbus, Ohio and Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 4th and 5th in Charlotte, North Carolina, and October 11th and 12th in Nashville, Tennessee.

In past years, Breakaway Festival has enlisted popular acts spanning all genres, including rapper Travis Scott, superstar DJ Kaskade, and electronic sensation Odesza. Prime Social Group is always expanding their talent reach and festival goers can expect a stacked lineup with some of the most sought-after talent in Hip-Hop and EDM.

You can pre-register for tickets here in order to purchase tickets 24 hours prior to the general public sale. General onsale takes place on Wednesday, February 6th at 1pm EST.

Rae Sremmund Tops #Fest’s 2019 Edition Lineup

Rae Sremmund Tops #Fest’s 2019 Edition Lineup

Prime Social Group announced the lineup for its 17th installment of their hip-hop and electronic music fueled#Fest (pronounced Numbers Fest), taking place on April 13, 2019, in Athens, Ohio.

Headlined by Atlanta-based power-duo Rae Sremmund of ‘Black Beatles’ fame, #Fest is packed with some of Hip-Hops biggest power players like Atlanta’s Rich the Kid and 23-year-old rapper Kid Quill, as well as EDM greats like Jersey Shore’s one-and-only Pauly D, L.A. based DJ duo Boombox Cartel and Canadian producer Shaun Frank.

The location also homes Ohio University – celebrated as one of America’s top party schools – adding nothing but fuel to the party atmosphere. Hosted at The Venue Of Athens, home to #Fest since 2011, will continue hosting the 17th edition of the festival.

While #Fest is open to 18+, #Fest BYOB passes will be available for those 21+. And because of the massive location and unique openness, camping will be offered the day prior to the event as an added feature.

Check out the full lineup below. Tickets are available now HERE.