Feeling This – #5

Feeling This – #5

22 hand picked tracks from last week. I think you might find some surprises on this weeks list which included several artists with less than 1,000 followers on Soundcloud. If you had to pick an MVP of week 6, who would it be? I’m going to start writing features on the artists with the most popular tracks. This will probably start next week.

Leave your picks in the comments.

1. StéLouseCloser
2. gylzey supernova feat. irahnik
3. Tom MischHome
4. SuperBeats. – Tim Legend – You
5. Secret cratesBetrayal
6. Zuper Doin some ill shit..
7. Saaj ‏ Karma
8. Saaj ‏ – Slo-Down
9. kylexDenouement
10. monte bookermay (ft. ravyn lenae)
11. v a s s hinside of u…
12. 20syl Dust Clouds
13. SoySauce – Thug Panda (Delamare Remix)
14. glxypromise
15. Punta RosaZZon
16. Deffie x Masego ~ Toot That Thang
17. Ashanti – Movies (Feo Re-think)
18. Tim legendsongs of solomon
19. Zach Dufresnebluesberry road
21. zayyaf ancient
22. ZikomoJanet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (Zikomo Remix)

Tim Legend – Songs of Solomon

Tim Legend – Songs of Solomon

It’s literally impossible to keep up with music in 2015. This song has somehow been out for 2 months and I’m just now finding it… “Songs of Solomon” represents the perfect blend of “future” and “trap”, delivering a cold piano melody over some very nice bass. I love this song and hope to hear it somewhere live soon.

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GLXY – Promise

GLXY – Promise

This track is perfect for today’s gloomy LA weather. GLXY is another producer that I know very little about (go figure), but after creeping on his soundcloud I can see that he has an ep coming out soon, which will hopefully be filled with tracks just like “Promise”. There is a dark and sort of erie feeling to this song but it also has this infectious bass line that reminds me of some flume tracks from the past. A solid vocal sample finishes off the song beautifully and we are left with yet another track for the AH “Feeling This” series. Well done GLXY. Be sure to give him a follow at one of the links below.

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Another day, another gem on AlwaysHustle. Today I bring to you “Night” from SINGULARIS, a soulection contributor and serious production talent. With so much solid new music coming out everyday, it could be easy to let a track like “Night” slip under your radar. However, this song has such a dope vibe and style that I just had to give it a post of it’s own. For more dope music from SINGULARIS, check out his social accounts below.


20syl – Dust Clouds

20syl – Dust Clouds

20syl is an incredible producer. The Frenchman has been creating classics and commercial favorites for years and I love that he is now getting so much shine over here in the US. His track “Dust Clouds” is featured on his latest EP “Motifs II” which is available in a variety of formats at the links below. Be sure to give him a follow on FB as well.

from Motifs II EP (2015)
ITunes : smarturl.it/MotifsII
Spotify : smarturl.it/MotifsIISpotify
Vinyl : smarturl.it/MotifsIIvinyl

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ZenSupremacy – Stay Zen (EP)  (Free Download)

ZenSupremacy – Stay Zen (EP) (Free Download)

Very hyped to see the homie JULiA LEWiS on this fresh new ep from the ZenSupremacy fam. All the info you need is below but do not sleep on any of these very talented producers.

1 – Intro (by Chef Red)
2 – JULiA LEWiS – Breach
3 – DEFFIE X No Tv No Radio – Curtains
4 – EKANY – Disturbance
5 – Lowend – Money
6 – Braeden Bailey – Fingerwork
7 – Chef Red – ‘Till Its Gone
8 – Sndwvs – Collide
9 – GOLDWATER – hurt
10 – No Tv No Radio X StéLouse – Milky Way
11 – The Magician Ft. Years & Years – Sunlight (njord. X Lehvi Remix)
12 -Slackview – Circumspect
13 – Lege Kale – Means So Much


Download the full tape for free here:
If you want to support us (all our sounds are free) you can donate something here goo.gl/clm4PQ <3

We’re so proud to bring our Stay Zen EP.

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve made sure that this experience would represent the ZS family and it’s fans as much as possible. Almost 10 months ago today ZenSupremacy was founded.
This collective was started with one main goal in mind; showcasing forward thinking people and artists, as well as their tastes and preferences in the vast world of music. Today, we believe we’ve done just that.
Our collective is growing thanks to all the great support we’ve gained over those last few months.

Stay Zen Is our first full body of work which we are very proud to finally bring to the world. ZenSupremacy and “Stay Zen” are not just a label and the name of this great body of work, but a way of life. Supremacy represents full control or dominance, while Zen embodies tranquility and peace. By putting those two concepts together we avidly share a message of positivity, love and respect that we believe every human being should live by. We hope you enjoy this EP as much as we enjoyed putting it together for ya’ll. We hope to see all of you at our label nights and future events. Don’t forget to stay tuned~

Welcome to ZS
One Love | Stay Zen


Artwork by vinceblok.tumblr.com
Additional mastering by Chef Red
Concept/Curated by .sinh
And ofcourse much much muchhhh love to everyone else involved!



kylex – Denouement

kylex – Denouement

Sometimes I just hear a beat that is so dirty that I have to throw it up on the blog and that is exactly what has happened right now. kylex appears to be basically unknown. He’s got a full ep on bandcamp called “Paper Planes” (Which you can buy here) and less than 500 followers on soundcloud. I have a feeling that number will skyrocket very soon and hopefully I can send him a few new fans from this post.

Now as far as the track goes, Denouement is just fucking awesome. At first you might think it’s just going to be another trappy sort of club banger but it is not that at all. This shit takes you on a ride and throws you all over the place. With that sort of haunting Calliope synth, I can’t help but nod along and get hyped while I sit here on my god damn couch. I love music like this and I can;t wait to see what kylex has for us next.

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Buy “Paper Planes”

Space Yacht Presents: Jayceooh + Son of Kick + Yultron b2b B-Sides + Fawks + LondonBridge (TONIGHT)

Space Yacht Presents: Jayceooh + Son of Kick + Yultron b2b B-Sides + Fawks + LondonBridge (TONIGHT)

Tonight is going to be fun. First a screening of Eden with some of my favorite ladies and then this little party @ Space Yacht for Jayceooh’s Birthday. Info and all that is below. Be sure to RSVP down below and I hope to see you there.


+ Jayceeoh
+ Yultron b2b B-sides
+ Fawks
+ LondonBridge

Oh, it’s also Jayceeoh’s birthday. smile emoticon

RSVP: http://rsvp.spaceyacht.net/
LIVESTREAM: http://twitch.tv/spaceyacht

Feeling This – #4

Feeling This – #4

Last week I was able to find 24 worthy selections from the forever congested world of my soundcloud stream for the 4th edition of “Feeling This”. There are some serious stand outs from the likes of Voduz, 16 yr old, Louis Futon, Persian Empire and a slew of solid tracks from a variety of talented producers. Expect to see a bigger playlist for next week as I was only able to really dig for a few days for this playlist. Tracklist and links to all the artists soundcloud pages can be found below and if you want to recommend a track for #5, just send me a link on Twitter (@bmuse) or on Soundcloud (@AlwaysHustle) and I’ll be sure to give it a listen.


1 – Voduz – CARAMEL
2 – BLVNT RECORDS – Blvnt Radio Show #12
3 – Jengi Beats – Have Mercy On Me
4 – Sensi sye – i need you babe
5 –Hati-hati & Da-bow – Silence
6 – Flamingosis – A Touch of Spring
7 – Polar Youth – X
8 – SevnthWonder – Higher Love (feat. Tokyo Megaplex & Stel Leo)
9 – San Holo – Shrooms
10 – San Holo – Victory
11 – Dallas Cotton – Sometime (feat. Brasstracks)
12 – Pools – tables and chairs
13 – PYRMDPLAZA – Lagoon
15 – Dallas Cotton – ain’t nobody like you (feat. josh pan)
16 – U-Z – City Light
17 – Luminate – Shadowtricks
18 – Louis Futon – Oakland Tho (Ft. Vell & DJ Mustard) [Free Download]
19 – J’Von. – maroon [prod. shungu & peter clinton]
20 – Dehku x Strehlow – Locust
21 – Olmos – Love Me
22 – 16 yr old + DIVINE – 2AIR
23 – DJ Premier x BMB Spacekid ft. Anderson .Paak  – Til Its Done
24 – Persian Empire – DONC