Feeling This – #4

Feeling This – #4

Last week I was able to find 24 worthy selections from the forever congested world of my soundcloud stream for the 4th edition of “Feeling This”. There are some serious stand outs from the likes of Voduz, 16 yr old, Louis Futon, Persian Empire and a slew of solid tracks from a variety of talented producers. Expect to see a bigger playlist for next week as I was only able to really dig for a few days for this playlist. Tracklist and links to all the artists soundcloud pages can be found below and if you want to recommend a track for #5, just send me a link on Twitter (@bmuse) or on Soundcloud (@AlwaysHustle) and I’ll be sure to give it a listen.


1 – Voduz – CARAMEL
2 – BLVNT RECORDS – Blvnt Radio Show #12
3 – Jengi Beats – Have Mercy On Me
4 – Sensi sye – i need you babe
5 –Hati-hati & Da-bow – Silence
6 – Flamingosis – A Touch of Spring
7 – Polar Youth – X
8 – SevnthWonder – Higher Love (feat. Tokyo Megaplex & Stel Leo)
9 – San Holo – Shrooms
10 – San Holo – Victory
11 – Dallas Cotton – Sometime (feat. Brasstracks)
12 – Pools – tables and chairs
13 – PYRMDPLAZA – Lagoon
15 – Dallas Cotton – ain’t nobody like you (feat. josh pan)
16 – U-Z – City Light
17 – Luminate – Shadowtricks
18 – Louis Futon – Oakland Tho (Ft. Vell & DJ Mustard) [Free Download]
19 – J’Von. – maroon [prod. shungu & peter clinton]
20 – Dehku x Strehlow – Locust
21 – Olmos – Love Me
22 – 16 yr old + DIVINE – 2AIR
23 – DJ Premier x BMB Spacekid ft. Anderson .Paak  – Til Its Done
24 – Persian Empire – DONC

Playlist: :( Monday VII

Playlist: :( Monday VII

Ah Monday. I hate you so much.. If it wasn’t for these awesome tracks that I personally selected, I probably wouldn’t survive the day. Today I have some choice new cuts from some really solid producers including: Y2K, Josh Pan, Polar Youth, Abjo, Fortune, Sango, and many more! Tracklist is down below.

Y//2//K – Y//2//K & josh pan – Bubble
WILDE – Hanging Tree (Are You?)
esha nest – ascent
Awe – Griffin (King Henry Remix)
Molly Williams – Awake Ft. Calliko (Forthcoming ~ Play It Louder Vol.4)
SAVON – 1481
Marvel Alexander – Dirty Thoughts (Prod.By Sango)
16 yr old – you not bout shit
AbJo – Momentum
njord. – Treehouse
Polar Youth – Samuel
FORTUNE. – Happy Birthday Gabrielle <3 P A T H - F a u l t

Maxx Baer – Breathe (Polar Youth remix)

Maxx Baer – Breathe (Polar Youth remix)

Another gem I discovered today, our girl Polar Youth is back with a new remix of Maxx Baer’s “Breath”. While I had never heard the original before I found this, both tracks are strong and there is just something about Polar Youth’s style that I just really like. More form her down below.

From Polar Youth:

Really appreciate Maxx Baer’s production skills. Hope you guys will enjoy my remix !

Original – Trap-door-official – Maxx-baer-breathe

Support Maxx Baer and Trapdoor Records : 
iTunes – trapdoorrecords.com/maxxbaerbreathe
Bandcamp – trapdoorrecords.bandcamp.com/album/maxx…er-breathe

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Polar Youth – Bae

Polar Youth – Bae

Dear Polar Youth,

I really like your sound. I think that this scene needs more dope female producers and I am down to support you however I can. I hope this blog post finds you well. Keep up the good work.



Rare are female beatmakers. For this, we couldn’t be happier to be supporting the adorable, sassy a/f Polar Youth on her rise from basement obscurity to what is almost certainly a bright future in music.

Polar Youth –
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