ZenSupremacy – Stay Zen (EP)  (Free Download)

ZenSupremacy – Stay Zen (EP) (Free Download)

Very hyped to see the homie JULiA LEWiS on this fresh new ep from the ZenSupremacy fam. All the info you need is below but do not sleep on any of these very talented producers.

1 – Intro (by Chef Red)
2 – JULiA LEWiS – Breach
3 – DEFFIE X No Tv No Radio – Curtains
4 – EKANY – Disturbance
5 – Lowend – Money
6 – Braeden Bailey – Fingerwork
7 – Chef Red – ‘Till Its Gone
8 – Sndwvs – Collide
9 – GOLDWATER – hurt
10 – No Tv No Radio X StéLouse – Milky Way
11 – The Magician Ft. Years & Years – Sunlight (njord. X Lehvi Remix)
12 -Slackview – Circumspect
13 – Lege Kale – Means So Much


Download the full tape for free here:
If you want to support us (all our sounds are free) you can donate something here goo.gl/clm4PQ <3

We’re so proud to bring our Stay Zen EP.

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve made sure that this experience would represent the ZS family and it’s fans as much as possible. Almost 10 months ago today ZenSupremacy was founded.
This collective was started with one main goal in mind; showcasing forward thinking people and artists, as well as their tastes and preferences in the vast world of music. Today, we believe we’ve done just that.
Our collective is growing thanks to all the great support we’ve gained over those last few months.

Stay Zen Is our first full body of work which we are very proud to finally bring to the world. ZenSupremacy and “Stay Zen” are not just a label and the name of this great body of work, but a way of life. Supremacy represents full control or dominance, while Zen embodies tranquility and peace. By putting those two concepts together we avidly share a message of positivity, love and respect that we believe every human being should live by. We hope you enjoy this EP as much as we enjoyed putting it together for ya’ll. We hope to see all of you at our label nights and future events. Don’t forget to stay tuned~

Welcome to ZS
One Love | Stay Zen


Artwork by vinceblok.tumblr.com
Additional mastering by Chef Red
Concept/Curated by .sinh
And ofcourse much much muchhhh love to everyone else involved!



Playlist: :( Monday VII

Playlist: :( Monday VII

Ah Monday. I hate you so much.. If it wasn’t for these awesome tracks that I personally selected, I probably wouldn’t survive the day. Today I have some choice new cuts from some really solid producers including: Y2K, Josh Pan, Polar Youth, Abjo, Fortune, Sango, and many more! Tracklist is down below.

Y//2//K – Y//2//K & josh pan – Bubble
WILDE – Hanging Tree (Are You?)
esha nest – ascent
Awe – Griffin (King Henry Remix)
Molly Williams – Awake Ft. Calliko (Forthcoming ~ Play It Louder Vol.4)
SAVON – 1481
Marvel Alexander – Dirty Thoughts (Prod.By Sango)
16 yr old – you not bout shit
AbJo – Momentum
njord. – Treehouse
Polar Youth – Samuel
FORTUNE. – Happy Birthday Gabrielle <3 P A T H - F a u l t