Paul Kalkbrenner Goes Deep on ‘Speak Up’ EP

Paul Kalkbrenner Goes Deep on ‘Speak Up’ EP

Hailing from East Berlin, Paul Kalkbrenner has long championed the music from his home and from Detroit as being integral to his success as one of techno’s most prominent global players.

In 2016, he released his 3-part ‘Back to the Future’ mixtape series, which saw Paul revisiting the songs of his youth, and compiling them in a mixtape series that’s been listened to millions of times to date. Now, he revisits the sounds of old once more in his ‘Speak Up’ EP.

The EP is classic Kalkbrenner in many ways, sticking to the grand techno sound that rose him to fame. But the EP is also a diversion, with a focus on deep club sounds and vocals like he rarely does.

‘Speak Up’ stands out as one of the deeper tracks that Paul has produced. ‘Eyes Open’ shows clear influence from the Detroit sound of old that lit up dance floors for decades. ‘Laser In’ goes a little darker, with really buzzy synths atop a distorted bass and drum groove. ‘Check Yourself’ exudes similar energy, but with a more refined synth lead and more delicate percussion.

Stream here

Porky & Mitch Dodge Release ‘Chameleon” EP on Desert Hearts

Porky & Mitch Dodge Release ‘Chameleon” EP on Desert Hearts

To spark the anticipation for their annual festival, the Desert Hearts crew have kicked off their ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ series with a brand new EP from Porky and Mitch Dodge.

The duo comes firing in with their ‘Chameleon’ EP, which includes two songs that showcase the sounds you can expect to hear at the Desert Hearts festival in April.

The title track takes us to another dimension with a larger-than-life bassline that lingers throughout the duration of the song. Avoiding any melodic elements, Porky & Mitch Dodge keep it simple on ‘Chameleon’ by focusing on the perfectly engineered drum patterns, lingering vocals, and a massive bassline.

‘Big Dog,’ sticks to a similar formula, but still sounds fresh in its own way. The highlight of this track is found in the breakdown which builds up to one of the largest drops you have ever heard. 


Doorly and Tan Dem Release new EP, “Witch House,” on Desert Hearts Records

Doorly and Tan Dem Release new EP, “Witch House,” on Desert Hearts Records

Doorly and Ten Dem cooked up a tantalizing track in their cauldron of beats to create a dance floor weapon. This spellbinding EP, titled “Witch House,” fits seamlessly into the Desert Hearts catalog of funky house beats. The opener, “Witch House” is a raw tech-house track with low-end grooves and mesmerizing vocals. The song will no doubt lure the wild and witchy EDM lovers to gather ‘round the dance floor. The EP finishes with an instrumental version of “Witch House” so to satisfy every type of house music lover.

The two artists have been working together since 2016 when Doorly took Tan Dem under his wing. The protégé artist and the house music veteran put their collaborative skills on display for this track, so grab your brooms and fly into the Desert Hearts dusk of house music bliss.

Morpei releases Groovy EP on Desert Hearts Records

Morpei releases Groovy EP on Desert Hearts Records

Born in Bolivia, Morpei hustled to make a name for himself on the global stage at a very young age. He found success in his home country at just 16 years old and once he turned 18 he moved to the US to dive into his music career. This is already the second time we’ve seen the artist on Desert Hearts Records, and “Desert Faith” is his first full EP on the label.

The two-track EP has that retro-turned-modern vibe that Morpei is known for. The opener, “Faith in Groove,” is infused with tribal drum elements, punchy bass lines, and jazzy old-school electric keyboard synths. The second song on the EP, “Desert Worship,” is a soulful track punctuated with acid lines and funky synths that force body movement.

“Desert Faith” seems to be the manifestation of all Morpei’s hard work and a mastery of his signature style. The EP is such a fun addition to the Desert Hearts label, and further solidifies Morpei’s place a the funk-house king.

Roy Rosenfeld Releases Stunning EP, “Rumbala,” on ADID label

Roy Rosenfeld Releases Stunning EP, “Rumbala,” on ADID label

Roy Rosenfeld burst out of the underground scene in Israel to become a globally recognized talent, and thank goodness he did. Rosenfeld has returned to All Day I Dream for an alluring four-track EP that fits right in with the label’s mystical, emotive, and unique approach to deep house.

“Rumbala” makes the hair on your skin stand up. It makes your body tingle. It wakes up all your senses. It tells a story of darkness to light. It’s both creepy and beautiful, and it could be Rosenfeld’s best work to date. Each track beautifully portrays an emotion— melancholy, desire, curiosity, or pure bliss— without any gimmicks or added lyrics. “Rumbala” is deep house in its raw form, yet at the same time seems to push the boundaries for what the genre can hold.

Rosenfeld has always believed that music should not be “one note.” The artist strives to break the rules and inspire uniqueness. This EP is a triumph of that mission. “Rumbala” allows the listener to be totally present, and in doing so, allows for an escape.

SHADED Teams up with Desert Hearts for latest EP, “Gucci Baggy”

SHADED Teams up with Desert Hearts for latest EP, “Gucci Baggy”

After playing at a couple of Desert Hearts events, it only made sense to officially embrace SHADED into the Desert Hearts family by signing him to the label. The artist’s debut EP on the label, “Gucci Baggy” fits right in with the brand and promises great things in the future.

The opening track, Gucci Baggy, captivates the mind with lyrics that will bring out the listener’s expensive taste: everyone can have a Gucci bag on the dance floor with them for this track. The track boasts retro-inspired synths and a buzzing bassline that trickles into the next track. The second song, titled Trounce, feels a bit quirkier than the first with unusual sounding bubbling synths that maintain a retro sound but edges into the future.

The entire EP is playful and deeply rooted in the Desert Hearts house music genre, which makes us excited for what’s to come from this partnership. Give it a listen!

Tanzmann’s Newest DIRTYBIRD Release is a Treat

Tanzmann’s Newest DIRTYBIRD Release is a Treat

Matthias Tanzmann is an expert at laying down some serious deep house, and his new EP is no exception to the rule. Out on DIRTYBIRD Records, the two-track EP aptly named, “The Treat,” is a sweet addition to the label.

“The Treat” is a clubbers delight. The EP opener is made for the club scene, as it keeps people moving in the wee hours of the night. It’s pushing beat and tech-style synths make it a Tanzmann classic, but the kicker on this track is the simplistic lyrics of, “it’s the beat, beat, that gives you the treat.” It’s truly a clubber’s anthem. The second track, Filthy, is equally as fun in its quirky lyrics and funky samples over the relentless high-hats.

Get to dance floor if you want a lesson on perfect house music production. But don’t forget, DIRTYBIRD and Tanzmann would like you to have some with it.

Marc Houle’s EP Release on DIRTYBIRD is Utterly Unique

Marc Houle’s EP Release on DIRTYBIRD is Utterly Unique

DIRTYBIRD welcomes Marc Houle back to the label, this time with his own EP titled makes “Min and Soda.” Hailing from Canada, Houle is a practiced producer and knows how to entice the crowd with his unique live sets. Years of experience a vast knowledge of electronic music result in his remarkable ability to produce a sensory experience – exemplified in this EP.

The opener, “Min and Soda” is a minimal trippy track featuring offbeat synths and a futuristic tech-house sound. In typical Marc Houle fashion, the listener is never able to guess what’s coming next, and the track is anything but cookie-cutter.

The second track, “Car and Driver” is just as unique. Ears perk up with a driving acid line that never lets up, and from start to finish we become a passenger in his fast-paced car racing through a vintage-inspired video game. As per usual, Houle’s unusual style turns up a success.

Robotaki releases “All I Can Do” single and announces EP ‘Anachronism”

Robotaki releases “All I Can Do” single and announces EP ‘Anachronism”

The Toronto-based, 27 year old producer Robotaki has just made his debut on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective with his newest single “All I Can Do” and announcement of his forthcoming EP Anachronism.

The groovy single includes sweet vocals by the rising talent, Robotaki himself. “All I Can Do” is about accepting the end of a relationship and moving on, a boat we’ve most likely all been in before.

Before he was Robotaki, he was Preston Chin. The Canadian-born producer made a name for himself after releasing singles and remixes with prominent artists like Phoenix, Daft Punk, Empire of the Sun, and more. These led to his opportunity to open all of the North American shows on Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter Live Tour.

This year, we will first see him hit the road with Big Wild and Mild Minds in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, Portland, and more. After that, he will be joining San Holo for eight stops on his tour, then finally linking up with ODESZA for Camp Nowhere.

Stream ‘All I Can Do’:

Robotaki Tour Dates

March 6 – The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA*

March 7 – The Observatory – San Diego, CA*

March 8 – The Novo – Los Angeles, CA*

March 9 – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA*

March 10th – Age of Spades – Sacramento, CA*

March 13 – Arcata Theatre – Arcata, CA*

March 14 – McDonald Theatre – Eugene, OR*

March 15 – Roseland Theater – Portland, OR*

March 16 – Ballroom – Vancouver, BC*

March 20 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN*

March 21 – Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI*

March 22 – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL*

March 23 – Majestic Theatre – Detroit, MI*

March 27 – Royale – Boston, MA*

March 28 – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA*

March 29 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC*

March 30 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY *

April 13 – Joy Theatre – New Orleans, LA ^

April 16 – Iron City – Birmingham, AL^

April 17 – The Mill & Mine – Knoxville, TN^

April 19 – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK^

April 23 – The Blue Note – Columbia, MO^

April 24 – Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA^

April 25 – Blue Moose Tap House – Iowa City, IA^

April 26 – Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH^

June 21 – Camp Nowhere – NRG Arena – Houston, TX &

June 22 – Camp Nowhere – Dos Equis Pavilion – Dallas, TX &

June 23 – Camp Nowhere – Austin360 Amphitheater – Austin, TX &

* = w/ Big Wild and Mild Minds

^ = w/ San Holo

& = w/ ODESZA

New DIRTYBIRD Release from Rebūke is a fresh take on tech-house

New DIRTYBIRD Release from Rebūke is a fresh take on tech-house

The Irish-born DJ, Rebūke, is all about challenging the classic tech-house we know and love. DIRTYBIRD gets behind his movement and offers a new EP titled Jump Ship that showcases the artist’s unique style.

This two-track EP pushes the boundaries for a DIRTYBIRD release, and the result is a success. The EP opener, aptly named Jump Ship, is a departure from a typical house track and calls for the listener to pay attention. Rebūke wakes us up from the methodic head-bop of house music and adds unexpected djembe-like drums while playing with different rhythms and beats per minute. This high-energy track will have you gyrating from head to toe. The second track on the EP, The Pipe, is no different in the sense that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The whole EP has a jungle-beat vibe to it and The Pipe hits the listener with flute-like synths that serve to transport the mind.

Since stepping on the scene, Rebūke has worked to make an original sound, and Jump Ship seems like a metaphor for departing from typical mainstream rave music and inviting us on his journey. The EP is unique and a pleasure to listen to, and accomplishes the artist’s goal of originality.

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