New DIRTYBIRD Release from Rebūke is a fresh take on tech-house

The Irish-born DJ, Rebūke, is all about challenging the classic tech-house we know and love. DIRTYBIRD gets behind his movement and offers a new EP titled Jump Ship that showcases the artist’s unique style.

This two-track EP pushes the boundaries for a DIRTYBIRD release, and the result is a success. The EP opener, aptly named Jump Ship, is a departure from a typical house track and calls for the listener to pay attention. Rebūke wakes us up from the methodic head-bop of house music and adds unexpected djembe-like drums while playing with different rhythms and beats per minute. This high-energy track will have you gyrating from head to toe. The second track on the EP, The Pipe, is no different in the sense that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The whole EP has a jungle-beat vibe to it and The Pipe hits the listener with flute-like synths that serve to transport the mind.

Since stepping on the scene, Rebūke has worked to make an original sound, and Jump Ship seems like a metaphor for departing from typical mainstream rave music and inviting us on his journey. The EP is unique and a pleasure to listen to, and accomplishes the artist’s goal of originality.

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