AVENER drops rework of Bob Dylan’s ‘Master of War’

AVENER drops rework of Bob Dylan’s ‘Master of War’

In 2014, it’s a surprise when one of The Avener remake track, Fade Out Lines made it to most of the charts. No one would expect that the song originally by Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws would have shot the French producer to fame. First in Germany, Top 10 hit in Australia, Belgium, Denmark etc, quickly followed by achieving the number one position in no less than 22 countries, the track definitely make us turn our heads now when the name The Avener is mentioned.

Fast forward to present day, after months of hiatus since his last track in early 2017, the electro house producer is surprising his fans with a new remake track of Bob Dylan’s Master of War. Known as one of BD’s best songs and one of the top 10 protest songs of all time, the repetitive lyrics and theme of a single harmony work in tandem to engage listeners of the singer’s perspective.

Being thrilled and honoured to be able to produce his version of this great song, The Avener will be adding elements of blues, jazz, folk and funk, showcasing his subtle electronic production, not taking away any essence of Bob Dylan’s original of course.

Check out the track now and and I’m sure you’ll love it cause The Avener never fails to deliver.

ShunGu – iwishu.Would (Hot Record Société)

ShunGu – iwishu.Would (Hot Record Société)

Just came across this crazy dope track from ShunGu. I love it when people flip vocals like this and now I feel like I’m listening to a whole new song. iwishu.Would can be found on “Sagitarius” which was just released from Hot Record Société. More info below:

From Soundcloud:

This is the 12th and final installment of an astrological series brought to you by ShunGu.

Hear The whole project here — > https://hotrecordsociete.bandcamp.com/album/the-sagittarius-tape


Artwork by Chester Watson

Mastered by Keith Kopatz

Lido – Money (Bleep Bloop Remix)

Lido – Money (Bleep Bloop Remix)

It’s fun, it’s fresh, its at 140 BPM! When Lido likes a song, he makes flips it so it can fit into his live sets. I’m pretty sure that why he did this right here. Fire none the less!


From Lido: I like this song a lot so i did a 140 remix/edit of it.

check the original here
Lidogotsongs – Lidogotmoney

grab a free download here

art by Pancho and Jonny Gonzalez