FEATURE: Disko – The Concert Subscription App Fans Always Wanted

FEATURE: Disko – The Concert Subscription App Fans Always Wanted

Are you a music head that loves hitting up shows in your city, but can’t keep up with your wallet? It’s a good thing there’s Disko. This concert subscription service custom tailors the best shows in your city based on the artists and genres that you’re already into. The best part is, it keeps the costs associated with regular outings so much lower, which allows you to hit multiple shows monthly without breaking the bank. All you have to do is sign up for the show, get listed, and walk in hassle free.

The app features everything from warehouse parties and club shows to concerts and festivals, and while it’s only available in LA right now, they have plans to open up in other markets very soon.

With Disko, users are able to attend up to 4 shows per month for just $25 monthly or up to 8 concerts each with a +1 for $45 a month. The plus one feature of their higher tier is great for those pack leaders who tend to rally the gang for a night out. After seeing other apps like Jukely fall short from really being able to deliver what concert fans wanted with a subscription app for events, we have high hopes for Disko as they seem to be securing some really awesome events for their users.

You can download Disko from the app store here.

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DEFFIE x JULiA LEWiS – Chel’s Quest

DEFFIE x JULiA LEWiS – Chel’s Quest

I absolutely love the new track that DEFFIE and JULiA LEWiS just put out. “Chel’s Quest” displays the perfect vibe for the kyboard warrior who is just trying to get through another day at the bs 9-5. Thank you for the track as I continue to stack. More + dl below.

From Deffie:

Worked on some flames with the ever so talented bay area based producer @thejulialewis . Needless to say we got prestigious wit it. Enjoy.

FREE DL: bit.ly/1Gf35jS