Chromonicci has recently dropped his latest single titled, “Just Push.” Barely over a month from his latest, “Peaceful Places EP” which premiered on Radio Juicy, this track already denotes a transformative sound for the young beatsmith. As a deviation from his purely instrumental works, nicci delivers a bouncy beat which is layered with airy vocals and introspective lyrics. The message of “Just Push.” is to be assured and uncompromising in the pursuit of your craft. This anthem to creatives reflects on Chromonicci’s own struggles as an artist in which he has settled for less than his worth. “But no more!”

After listening to releases like “Switch” which features his signature electro-bounce style with a bossa nova breakdown, “Peaceful Places EP” with unique chill hop production, and “Just Push.” drop in succession, it’s no secret that Chromonicci is about to take the electronic music scene by storm. His consistency and eclectic range are shaping a definitive path for the rising artists future.

Check out the track below and keep up to date with Chromonicci here.

FEATURE: Disko – The Concert Subscription App Fans Always Wanted

FEATURE: Disko – The Concert Subscription App Fans Always Wanted

Are you a music head that loves hitting up shows in your city, but can’t keep up with your wallet? It’s a good thing there’s Disko. This concert subscription service custom tailors the best shows in your city based on the artists and genres that you’re already into. The best part is, it keeps the costs associated with regular outings so much lower, which allows you to hit multiple shows monthly without breaking the bank. All you have to do is sign up for the show, get listed, and walk in hassle free.

The app features everything from warehouse parties and club shows to concerts and festivals, and while it’s only available in LA right now, they have plans to open up in other markets very soon.

With Disko, users are able to attend up to 4 shows per month for just $25 monthly or up to 8 concerts each with a +1 for $45 a month. The plus one feature of their higher tier is great for those pack leaders who tend to rally the gang for a night out. After seeing other apps like Jukely fall short from really being able to deliver what concert fans wanted with a subscription app for events, we have high hopes for Disko as they seem to be securing some really awesome events for their users.

You can download Disko from the app store here.

Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a 6 month subscription to Disko.

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Chicago’s “Spring Awakening” returns with a stacked line up featuring Dj Snake, Rezz, Martin Garrix and more.

Chicago’s “Spring Awakening” returns with a stacked line up featuring Dj Snake, Rezz, Martin Garrix and more.

Spring Awakening is coming back to Chicago from June 7th to the 9th in 2019 for an epic 3 days with a super stacked line up. They are taking a different direction with their 8th installment of the festival as it will now be held at  Poplar Creek at 59-90 Entertainment District in Hoffman Estates, located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. This venue is nearly double the size of the Spring Awakening Music Festival’s previous year, now occupying 27 acres.  As the most sizable Electronic music festival in the midwest, It’s always a spectacle to see festival planners create new infrastructure around a new location.

The line up this year will be home to over ninety artists throwing down at 5 different stages across the venue. We are most excited to see Droeloe, Shiba San, and TroyBoi though there are so many incredible acts that it will most likely be difficult to catch them all! It’s apparent that a ton of thought went into this huge line up as its range of sounds cover all types of EDM across the board.

As well as stunning production on each stage, Spring Awakening Music Festival will be running interactive art installations, carnival rides, food vendors, and more! This year around they will finally offer on site parking as well. All in all this festival is looking to be a can’t miss and you’ll want to start planning your epic experience by getting tickets here.

Alex Martian Drops Classics Leading up to His New Project in 2019

Alex Martian Drops Classics Leading up to His New Project in 2019

New York based up and coming producer Alex Martian has really been creating a place for himself amongst new wave electronic music listeners. With a style as complex yet vivid as the artwork he creates for each release, there is no shortage of awe in listening to his discography. It’s quite difficult to put a label on his sound though it incorporates a lot of jazzy chords, break rhythms, and sweeping synths. Having produced for just over 4 years, his musical variance and sound design is recognizably on par with names that have inspired him such as Sam Gellaitry, Monte Booker, and Gorillaz. Each Alex Martian track sounds like an autumn forest, filled with multitudes of complementary colors.

Leading up to a project drop in later 2019, Alex has released with labels like Future Vibes and Bonsai Collective as well as his remix of Ellzo’s “Spiral”. We’re stoked to see what the future holds for this young producer and to hear new Martian in the coming year.

Be sure to follow him here for updates on new releases and check out his music below!

Sprig: A Refreshing Take on Drinkable CBD & THC

Sprig: A Refreshing Take on Drinkable CBD & THC

Sprig Soda is a new crisp and refreshing take on marijuana consumption. With only a few natural ingredients, the carbonated drink is infused with premium THC extract and has easily become one of my favorite methods of recreational cannabis use. At 10mg of THC per can, each sip is like a journey. That’s not to say this soda doesn’t keep its medical users in mind as well! Their sparkling CBD tea is calming and rejuvenating as well as being made up of a small list of simple ingredients that are easily digestible for those with chronic issues. No matter the drink, Sprig provides a dosage that’s easily managed and even more easily enjoyed.

Sprig pales a majority of other edible methods in comparison. Not only does it taste citrusy and sharp, but it’s also relatively healthy and quick to kick in. It’s the only marijuana infused drink that I’ve yet to taste the extract hidden behind the sugars. This may result from their blending of the CO2 extracted oils with natural flavors and pure cane sugar. I’ve got much love for this simple yet intricate can and hope to see Sprig expand their line of amazing products in the future.

Check out their line of CBD infused Sprig products here and keep on the lookout for their THC infused drinks in dispensaries across California!

ZOMA Is The Future Of Cannabis

ZOMA Is The Future Of Cannabis

Weed culture in california has recently experienced a massive expanse since the herb’s legalization. With many so many new 420 brands popping up, it may be difficult to differentiate between them and know what’s worth looking into. ZOMA is a cut above the rest in the green industry because they emphasize organic cultivation and high quality herb. They offer an assortment of tasty products ranging from flower to extracts & more!

Zoma’s founder Spencer Peterson started zoma with the mission to educate consumers on organic cannabis. He approaches cannabis from the perspective of both lifestyle and medical users, offering both CBD & THC products. With so many quality strains and luxe packaging there’s no question why ZOMA is populating stores statewide.

Check out their innovative line of herb goodness here.

Geller Drops his Debut Album “Astral Plane”

Geller Drops his Debut Album “Astral Plane”

Geller’s debut album Astral Plane is here, and it is nothing short of spectacular. After making
some noise in the SoundCloud beat-making scene for the since 2016, the 18 year-old producer went into a year-long hibernation from releasing music to craft what he calls “a perfect representation” of the emotions he has felt in the last year.

“Dealing with and depression and anxiety could be seen by a lot of people as a handicap, but honestly it was sort of to my advantage in making this album,” Geller says. “After my father passed away in 2017, I needed some way to express my emotions. Everything I was feeling just felt trapped inside of me, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the words to
describe my emotions to doctors, friends, and family.”

– Austin Geller
Photo Credit: Conner Savage

Just shy of 45 minutes, the 11-track album takes us on an adventure through various moods and atmospheres. The short intro to the album, “Dreamstate,” insinuates falling asleep, or potentially leaving the physical realm and entering “the astral plane.” The bright and luscious synths on the track “Rewind” set the tone for the intergalactic adventure the album is about to take listeners on. The tracks “Every Girl” and “Contour Lines” shed light on brief happiness found in reminiscing over a lover from the past. Only to be contradicted by the dark, abrasive, loneliness of “Wasteland,” “Lullabies,” and “Wounded,” which serve as a sort of nightmare sequence in the dream that is the album. All to be concluded by the optimistic tone of the tracks “Eternal Sunshine,” and “Until Then.”

“As I was making this album, I really wanted to create this world where people could escape. I’ve always been very interested in dreams, so I thought having an album about one elongated dream would be the best way to do that.”

– Geller
Photo credit: Asher Grossman

Certainly a breath of fresh air, the album blends sounds of many genres—many of which are unorthodox for electronic music—into one opus piece. Astral Plane debuted at #7 on the U.S. iTunes Dance Music Chart upon its release on December 21, 2018, and has thus far been consigned by the likes of Kaskade and Sam Gellaitry. The album can be streamed or bought on all platforms. Listen below on Spotify and be sure to follow Geller on instagram here.

Mitch Geist Drops Stunning 30 Track Compilation “Flavors”

Mitch Geist Drops Stunning 30 Track Compilation “Flavors”

Mitch Geist recently dropped, “Flavors” which is a compilation of remixes, ideas, and loops that each supply a unique and swank vibe. This whopping 30 track project covers a spectrum of sounds from Gellaitry like synths to instrumental hip hop reminiscent of J Dilla. Mitch brings these elements together all with his own characteristic funk hop style and standout production.

My personal favorites from this compilation are, “When I Had Nothin’”, “ThassWhy”, and “WaterCountry” which was even used by apparel brand Rip n Dip to promote their new spring collection! Although many of these tracks may not be fully realised, the extensive mood and groove of the project are a complete journey reminiscent of Flying Lotus’, “Ideas+drafts+loops”.

If you’ve yet to give this lengthy compilation a listen, then it may suit you to indulge in parts. But one trip in LA traffic should be just enough to experience the hour and fourteen minute odyssey that is “Flavors.”

Check it out below and RSVP here to his performance at Good Society’s “Beneath Waves” on Friday, March 29th!

Fresh: Duo TAMA UCXI  Drops their latest single “Clockwork”

Fresh: Duo TAMA UCXI Drops their latest single “Clockwork”

Even though the weekend is long gone, music fans can rejoice as we’ve been double blessed by Los Angeles duo TAMA UCXI/ The Duo just dropped their new single “Clockwork” and we are really feeling over here at AH! This absolute banger comes out with war drums to build which quickly drop into an immensely deep, bassy, stadium shaker of a joint. In contrast to their more dreamy synth based tracks of late, Clockwork exhibits a very resonant and grand sound which amply delivers a supply to the bass head demand. Although not unlike their previous release, “Sakura”, UCXI plays closely to their roots in blending orchestral elements with heavy percussion. Their use of brass horns in conjunction with a bass cannons wet dream make this track royal for a turn up of any kind, but what excites us even more is the thought of hearing it live. We chalk up this track as trap Utopia.

Brendan Han, one half of TAMA UCXI, had this to say about their latest release,

“We knew we wanted to make a heavier trap track to follow our previous future bass releases, but the piano melody and the foundation of the song actually came about because we were, at the time, listening to a bunch of crazy Japanese jazz rock with lots of intricate piano and crazy chord progressions. It’s a relatively simple melody, but the movement and syncopation were inspired by really complex pieces. We also wanted to avoid the traditional verse-drop-verse-drop structure so we tried to create a track that really evolved dynamically while still maintaining its original theme.”

The evolution, referring back to their past future bass tracks, is as clear as day. Not only has TAMA kept a consistent quality and creative edge throughout their history of music but in my opinion they have exponentially progressed.

“Clockwork” signifies more than just a new single. It demonstrates the coherent direction of the newly formed electronic duo’s style and stride. Having spent the bulk of 2018 producing and releasing new music monthly they have staunchly carved their groove in the industry vinyl. As time presses forward and the year comes to an end, we are utterly stoked to witness the direction that these two brilliant musicians take in their musical odyssey. We hope to experience TAMA UCXI more in the physical realm at concerts and festivals in the future and can’t wait to hear again from the juggernaut of a duo! Check out their latest track below and don’t forget to follow them on instagram for updates here.