Sprig: A Refreshing Take on Drinkable CBD & THC

Sprig Soda is a new crisp and refreshing take on marijuana consumption. With only a few natural ingredients, the carbonated drink is infused with premium THC extract and has easily become one of my favorite methods of recreational cannabis use. At 10mg of THC per can, each sip is like a journey. That’s not to say this soda doesn’t keep its medical users in mind as well! Their sparkling CBD tea is calming and rejuvenating as well as being made up of a small list of simple ingredients that are easily digestible for those with chronic issues. No matter the drink, Sprig provides a dosage that’s easily managed and even more easily enjoyed.

Sprig pales a majority of other edible methods in comparison. Not only does it taste citrusy and sharp, but it’s also relatively healthy and quick to kick in. It’s the only marijuana infused drink that I’ve yet to taste the extract hidden behind the sugars. This may result from their blending of the CO2 extracted oils with natural flavors and pure cane sugar. I’ve got much love for this simple yet intricate can and hope to see Sprig expand their line of amazing products in the future.

Check out their line of CBD infused Sprig products here and keep on the lookout for their THC infused drinks in dispensaries across California!

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