Doorly and Tan Dem Release new EP, “Witch House,” on Desert Hearts Records

Doorly and Ten Dem cooked up a tantalizing track in their cauldron of beats to create a dance floor weapon. This spellbinding EP, titled “Witch House,” fits seamlessly into the Desert Hearts catalog of funky house beats. The opener, “Witch House” is a raw tech-house track with low-end grooves and mesmerizing vocals. The song will no doubt lure the wild and witchy EDM lovers to gather ‘round the dance floor. The EP finishes with an instrumental version of “Witch House” so to satisfy every type of house music lover.

The two artists have been working together since 2016 when Doorly took Tan Dem under his wing. The protégé artist and the house music veteran put their collaborative skills on display for this track, so grab your brooms and fly into the Desert Hearts dusk of house music bliss.

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