Monolink’s Amniotic Is The Live Electronic Album We Needed

Monolink’s Amniotic Is The Live Electronic Album We Needed

It’s a rare occurrence listening to an album that really moves you, and it’s usually even more rare that it’s an electronic music album. Monolink’s debut Amniotic album is a refreshing body of work living in a world mostly barren of musical creativity.

Out just a week ago, the record was released via Embassy One in Germany, and it represents a clear and well thought-out passage of thought from the Berlin-based singer, songwriter and guitarist. Amniotic isn’t the first group of songs in Monolink’s wide-reaching discography; it follows his Burning Sun EP in 2017 and, even earlier, his The End EP in 2015.

The eleven-track album, self-admittedly a tribute to nature, is the first full-length LP from the artist and acts as a blank page for him to record his most emotional thoughts over timeless melodies and thumping productions ranging from festival tent tech house to late-night headphone jams for when you’re most in your feelings.

Here’s what Monolink had to say about the record:

“EPs are popular with most producers and DJs in the electronic music scene. But I come from a band background and albums are unmatchable for me. I’m a huge fan of listening to large bodies of work from start to finish and taking a plunge into the world the artist has created. Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” is an example of an album that still fascinates me to this day.”

Stream ‘Amniotic’ below, and make sure you catch Monolink on tour now with stops in the US, Germany, Paris, and more.

[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit – Living A Dream

[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit – Living A Dream

One of my favorite new artists in the last couple of years is finally back with some new music. Soul Bandit stands for everything that I love about music. She’s original, she doesn’t give a fuck about what everyone else is doing, and she’s putting out music that she loves and can really stand behind. In a day and age where everybody is willing to sell out right away just for a chance to blow up, it’s incredibly refreshing to have someone like Soul Bandit around who you know is just going to do her all day.

As far as “Living A Dream” goes, it’s fucking great. Soul Bandit again takes her poppy style of beat making and combines it with those deep / dark lyrics that she is known for, bringing attention to today’s fucked up reality while making you think you’re just listening to a fun little pop song. It’s easy to say that I’m addicted to this one.

Check out the track below and be on the look out for more from Soul bandit soon.

Hayden James Releases “Just Friends” Ft. Boy Matthews

Hayden James Releases “Just Friends” Ft. Boy Matthews

Hayden James has done it once again, he has created a musical moment that will be stuck in our heads for weeks, the song ‘Just Friends’ is sure to be our anthem this summer. Since we first discovered James back in 2013, his releases have been far and few in between, however each track has been nothing less than a hit. His last single being “NUMB” with GRAACE, had the same musical brilliance as his newest, and actually just went platinum in Australia. Fans love James’ effortless and unapologetic sounds and lyrics, making all of his art so desirable.

For ‘Just Friends,’ James chose the perfect pairing singer, Boy Matthews, to further decorate the song with his soulful and smooth vocals. Rising vocalist Boy Matthews, was also the singer behind Duke Dumont’s hit single “Ocean Drive”, completes the dream pairing for this addictive tune.

Hayden is a powerhouse who continues to create more music in his Australian Studio, waiting for his next single to drop, ‘Just Friends’ is likely to top charts and make headlinews as we can’t stop obsessing over its timeless melodies, and will definitely be on repeat in our playlists for the unforeseeable future.

Listen to “Just Friends” by Hayden James Ft. Boy Matthews now.

London’s Platinum Trio Disciples Release “Atheist”

London’s Platinum Trio Disciples Release “Atheist”

Disciples have released a brand new single, ‘Atheist’, via Warner Bros. Music. ‘Atheist’ is the third song released thus far this year from the London-based trio, following up ’48HRS’ and ‘On My Mind’.

‘Atheist’ revolves around a catchy vocal loop and singing from Disciples’ very own Nathan Duvall. The minimalist deep house beat gradually works in various sonic elements before reaching a climax around the 3-minute mark, marking another hypnotic release from the immensely talented hit-making trio.

Disciples landed a worldwide hit with Calvin Harris in 2012 with their collaboration, ‘How Deep is Your Love’. The song made it to #2 on the UK singles chart and was a top-10 record in 22 other countries, quite the achievement for a production trio that was firmly in the underground prior to their collaboration with Harris.

The upcoming summer should be a busy one for Disciples, who have a weekly residency in Ibiza at Amnesia on top of festival appearances at Snowbombing, Hideout Croatia, Sundown, and Belgian mega-festival, Tomorrowland.

ICARUS releases “Flowers” + New EP “In The Dark”

ICARUS releases “Flowers” + New EP “In The Dark”

Bristol-based duo, ICARUS, released their new single ‘Flowers,’ along with a 5-track narrative EP ‘In The Dark,’ which chronicles the ups and downs of a new relationship.

The EP opens with the upbeat disco synth tune, ‘Love Has Come Around,’ which captures the ecstasy of a budding relationship. As the EP progresses, the atmosphere darkens with tracks that explore vulnerability and distrust like ‘I Could Leave,’ and the closing track, ‘Flowers,’ which tells the tale of a relationship turned toxic.

“It’s talking about situations early in a relationship,” explains ICARUS’ Tom Griffiths. “Maybe it’s not right but you still want it to happen.”

‘In The Dark’ showcases the duo’s wide range of production skills while immersing the listener in colorful visuals and sounds. Though the theme of the EP remains consistent, ICARUS does not allow themselves to be constrained to a particular tempo or style.

‘Love Has Come Around’ has garnered plays from Pete Tong, Danny Howard, and Alice Levine with positive reviews from Earmilk, Clash, and The Times. ICARUS’ first live headline tour is set to begin this month, a clear indication that they will only continue to achieve musical excellence.

Check out the full ‘In The Dark’ EP below:

Paper Diamond Drops “Bass Real Big” Feat. Ms. Williams

Paper Diamond Drops “Bass Real Big” Feat. Ms. Williams

Paper Diamond! This man has been making the return of a lifetime this year, and we couldn’t be more happy about it.

Today he drops another fresh collaboration, this time with Ms. Williams who graces the track with a really dope hip hop verse, leading the song into a hypnotizing chorus. I’m sitting here blasting the track for the fourth or fifth time, and I’m still nowhere near done.

“Bass Real Big” shows off another side of Paper Diamond’s inimitable approach to dance music, more than living up to its title with a double-barreled speaker workout that’s strikingly minimal and wildly confident. A kick, a siren, and a bad-ass vocal, what more do you need?

Paper D-livers this song on none other than 4/20 – while not being as chill of a track as most of us might have expected – it’s still a special one nonetheless and I can’t get enough.

Bass Real Big is out today via Fool’s Gold, the imprint of revered producer/DJ A-Trak. Stream it below and give Paper D a like on Facebook.

Chuurch Drop New Uunion EP via NEST

Chuurch Drop New Uunion EP via NEST

Chuurch have today dropped their full EP – Uunion – on Skrillex’s free download imprint NEST. The 4 track EP, which was teased by singles One Mind and Erase The Pain feat. Blak Trash, is one of the most sonically unique projects we’ve heard in a while, grabbing listeners attention with “Lean Bass” production that has become their hallmark sound.

The EP is defined by it’s relunctantly slow but engaging pace, and tasty blend of hip-hop and electronica. Rife with vocal samples and chunky basslines, the EP should delight fans across a multitude of genres, a true mishmash of styles both in terms of the music itself and Chuurch’s dark and somber visual aesthetic.

“This EP is a step outside the usual comfort zone of dance, we want people to embrace the dark side on this one,” – remarks Chuurch

With previous releases on Zeds Dead’s label Deadbeats and Billy Kenny’s label, This Ain’t Bristol – Chuurch have begun to bubble up in the underground and through this latest Uunion EP release on NEST – we think Chuurch’s time has come to pick up traction in the mainstream. With several festival shows in the works in the summer, including DeadRocks at Red Rocks in July, it’s clear that 2018 should be a big one for the Calgary-based production duo.

Stream Chuurch’s Uunion EP below: