Monolink’s Amniotic Is The Live Electronic Album We Needed

Monolink’s Amniotic Is The Live Electronic Album We Needed

It’s a rare occurrence listening to an album that really moves you, and it’s usually even more rare that it’s an electronic music album. Monolink’s debut Amniotic album is a refreshing body of work living in a world mostly barren of musical creativity.

Out just a week ago, the record was released via Embassy One in Germany, and it represents a clear and well thought-out passage of thought from the Berlin-based singer, songwriter and guitarist. Amniotic isn’t the first group of songs in Monolink’s wide-reaching discography; it follows his Burning Sun EP in 2017 and, even earlier, his The End EP in 2015.

The eleven-track album, self-admittedly a tribute to nature, is the first full-length LP from the artist and acts as a blank page for him to record his most emotional thoughts over timeless melodies and thumping productions ranging from festival tent tech house to late-night headphone jams for when you’re most in your feelings.

Here’s what Monolink had to say about the record:

“EPs are popular with most producers and DJs in the electronic music scene. But I come from a band background and albums are unmatchable for me. I’m a huge fan of listening to large bodies of work from start to finish and taking a plunge into the world the artist has created. Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” is an example of an album that still fascinates me to this day.”

Stream ‘Amniotic’ below, and make sure you catch Monolink on tour now with stops in the US, Germany, Paris, and more.