New Single Out by Driftwood Titled ‘Higher Mentions’

New Single Out by Driftwood Titled ‘Higher Mentions’

Back with a new and impressive single titled ‘Higher Mentions’, Australian based artist Driftwood is adding another piece to his project. Becoming a unique artist hasn’t been easy, but his work has definitely proven successful in this new track that is accompanied by an additional music video. It tells a slight narrative that Driftwood himself created to also allow the viewer to make up their own version of as it progresses.

“I  generally  fly under the  radar and don’t like  to make a fuss about the  fact that I do have a hand  in every part of my creative  process. I like to paint pictures  through music and film, but I don’t  like to star in any of my videos and prefer  to collaborate with people who inspire me. I am fascinated  by literature, music, film and life, and I strive to tell stories across  audio & film to provoke thought and emotion.” –Driftwood

With a skillset and mindset that sets him apart from other artists, Driftwood can be expected to continue to produce content that makes you think as well as enjoy overall with his unique electo-hip hop sound. Keep your eye out for more from this artist and follow him below to keep up to date!

Watch ‘Higher Mentions’ Below Now!

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Mercer Returns with Funky “Boss” Banger Featuring Slim Thug Out Now on Premiere Classe

Mercer Returns with Funky “Boss” Banger Featuring Slim Thug Out Now on Premiere Classe

2018 has been quite the year for producer/DJMercer with his monstrous collaboration with label boss DJ Snake “Let’s Get Ill” and Neo Disco Ep more recently. The Frenchmen shows that he isn’t slowing down anytime soon while ending the year strong with a slapping new single “Boss” out now on Premiere Classe.  Coming in hot with Subliminal Records vibes turned up to 11, “Boss” starts off with the Frenchman’s iconic disco and New York house sound filled with a hypnotic loop. Though Mercer is known for his funky disco and house influences, he shows off his Hip-Hop savviness with this deep cut.


The infectious cut features a sample from legendary hustling Houston rapper Slim Thug who is known in the streets for his dynamic catalog and gained mainstream fame from his work on Mike Jones “Still Tippin.” Other hits from the Still Tippin’ on fo’ fo’s steetz king include Beyonce’s #1 single “Check On It,” Gwen Stefani’s “Luxurious,” “3 Kings” feat. T.I. and Big Bun, as well as “I Ain’t Heard of That” which features Pharrell and Big Bun.


“I’ve always been a massive fan of Slim Thug. His delivery and flow are so legendary I couldn’t help but use it in one of my songs. I sent it to Thug once it was finished and he liked it from the first play! He’s a very dope guy and is very easy to work with” – Mercer


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Known as 1/4th of the French collective Pardon My French with fellow countrymen DJ Snake, Tchami and Malaa, the groovy house producer has amassed a solid collection of massive club records worldwide through Spinnin Records with tracks like “Supreme”, “Lunatic” and more recently his collab “Lets Get Ill” with DJ Snake. Mercer is no stranger playing on the biggest stages in the world with gigs such as Creamfields, Hard Summer, Ushuaia, Ultra Music Festival and Holy Ship to name a few.


Tour Dates

November 14 – Future Club – Nanjing, China

November 15 – Club Galame – Foshan, China

November 16 – Face Club – Shenzhen, China

November 17 – Elements Club – Beijing, China

November 18 – 2018 DWP CHINA – Shanghai, China

November 30 – Zénith – Paris, France

December 01 – Ministry of Sound – London, UK

December 31 – Sunburn Festival – Pune, India


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Benji Lewis Releases New Single ‘Ride’ That Chases Summer Vibes

Benji Lewis Releases New Single ‘Ride’ That Chases Summer Vibes

Rising Australian artist Benji Lewis, has given us a glimpse of a carefree ride into the sunset with his new and refreshing single titled ‘Ride.’ A collaboration with LA-based producer Lincoln Jesser that according to Lewis didn’t take long at all to produce as it came with ease to work and together. It’s a propelling yet peaceful track that makes you stop and think about the blessings you have already and making your way through life at your own pace. An important reminder in a fast paced world that couldn’t be more timely as the rush of the holiday season is upon us.

“This  song’s inspiration  came at a time when  I started doing the things  I wanted to do for myself, and  what I felt was right for my career. Everyone  has the right to their own opinion, but at the  end of the day we have the final say in what  we do. It’s about letting yourself relax. You’ll get  to where you want to go in your own time and in your  own way. It’s about looking after yourself and doing what  makes you feel good. Making the most of everything and not putting  too much focus on the destination, but just enjoying the ride.” –Benji  Lewis

This track comes as just a taste of what is to come from this rising artist as he has mentioned he has been writing a good amount to prepare for the coming months. Recently Benji, released his EP titled ‘Together Apart’ that brought us more of his classic, laid back tunes that we can’t get enough of. The future is bright and a true ride as we watch this artists grow and develop.

Take a ‘Ride’ and Listen Below!

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New Desert Hearts Release: Jacky ‘Firepower’ EP

New Desert Hearts Release: Jacky ‘Firepower’ EP

Desert Hearts Records brings you a fun and fresh new member of the family named Jacky. This London based producer just released a new two tracker EP titled ‘FirePower’. There’s no time wasted in these hype new tracks as the first one titled FIREPOWER takes off running and flies into the height of the song. The best part of this beat is the dynamics. He seamlessly raises the energy all the way up just to bring it back down again while keeping the same spirit alive all the way through to the end. The second song titled NOW YOU’RE TALKING is a busy tech house beat with a fierce drop. These songs are sure to have to you ready for the next batch of bangers from the incredible Jacky.

Do yourself a favor and check out this EP as well as the rest of the amazing talent on the Desert Hearts Label.

Ed Banger Records Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Epic Orchestral Album Ed Banger 15 Ans

Ed Banger Records Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Epic Orchestral Album Ed Banger 15 Ans

27 Classic Ed Banger Records Tracks, Performed by 70-piece Orchestre Lamoureux in Paris

Ed Banger 15 Ans Available HERE

Last Friday, November 23rd, Ed Banger Records celebrated 15 years of classic tracks with the release of Ed Banger 15 Ans – a collection of some of the most beloved tunes the label has released since their founding performed by esteemed Parisian ensemble Orchestre Lamoureux.

Following the initial success of a live performance in March of the tracks that would later become the album, Ed Banger label head Busy P commissioned a full recording of the album to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the birth of Ed Banger Records. Orchestre Lamoureux and conductor Thomas Roussel reimagine definitive tracks including Breakbot’sBaby I’m Yours’, Busy P ‘Genie’, SebastiAn’s ‘Embody’, Boston Bun’s ‘Paris Groove’, Justice’sD.A.N.C.E’. among countless others.

Proceeding the full release of the album was “I Want My Ed TV”, which featured a compilation of some of the most iconic Ed Banger music videos paired with Orchestre Lamoureux’s rendition of Cassius’ I Love You So. The full album is now available on all streaming platforms and as a beautiful limited-edition vinyl (double LP) along with CD and digital versions. Check out the music video compilation, the live performance, and the full album tracklist below.

Ed Banger 15 Ans Tracklist

  1. Breakbot ‘Star Tripper / Back For More’
  2. Breakbot ‘Fantasy / By Your Side’
  3. Breakbot ‘Baby I’m Yours’
  4. Cassius ‘I <3 So’
  5. Mr. Oizo ‘Intra / Tricycle Express’
  6. Mr. Oizo ‘Hand In The Fire’
  7. Busy P ‘To Protect And Entertain / Pedrophilia’
  8. Busy P ‘Genie’
  9. DJ Mehdi ‘Pocket Piano’
  10. DJ Mehdi ‘Tragicomehdi / Signatune’
  11. Vladimir Cauchemar ‘Aulos’
  12. Uffie ‘Pop The Glock / Difficult’
  13. Boston Bun / Borussia / Feadz ‘Paris Groove / Kinda Love / Metaman’
  14. SebastiAn ‘Motor / Prime / Hudson River’
  15. SebastiAn ‘Embody’
  16. SebastiAn ‘Tetra’
  17. Krazy Baldhead ‘My Soul Is Like A Tree’
  18. Laurent Garnier ‘Jacques In The Box’
  19. Mr Flash ‘Champions’
  20. Para One / Myd ‘Elevation / The Sun’
  21. Justice ‘Genesis / Phantom / Phantom Part. II’
  22. Justice ‘On’n’On’
  23. Justice ‘Safe And Sound’
  24. Justice ‘D.A.N.C.E.’
  25. Justice ‘Canon / Alakazam ! / Horsepower’
  26. Justice ‘Stress’
  27. Justice ‘Waters Of Nazareth / We Are Your Friends’
Fresh: Duo TAMA UCXI  Drops their latest single “Clockwork”

Fresh: Duo TAMA UCXI Drops their latest single “Clockwork”

Even though the weekend is long gone, music fans can rejoice as we’ve been double blessed by Los Angeles duo TAMA UCXI/ The Duo just dropped their new single “Clockwork” and we are really feeling over here at AH! This absolute banger comes out with war drums to build which quickly drop into an immensely deep, bassy, stadium shaker of a joint. In contrast to their more dreamy synth based tracks of late, Clockwork exhibits a very resonant and grand sound which amply delivers a supply to the bass head demand. Although not unlike their previous release, “Sakura”, UCXI plays closely to their roots in blending orchestral elements with heavy percussion. Their use of brass horns in conjunction with a bass cannons wet dream make this track royal for a turn up of any kind, but what excites us even more is the thought of hearing it live. We chalk up this track as trap Utopia.

Brendan Han, one half of TAMA UCXI, had this to say about their latest release,

“We knew we wanted to make a heavier trap track to follow our previous future bass releases, but the piano melody and the foundation of the song actually came about because we were, at the time, listening to a bunch of crazy Japanese jazz rock with lots of intricate piano and crazy chord progressions. It’s a relatively simple melody, but the movement and syncopation were inspired by really complex pieces. We also wanted to avoid the traditional verse-drop-verse-drop structure so we tried to create a track that really evolved dynamically while still maintaining its original theme.”

The evolution, referring back to their past future bass tracks, is as clear as day. Not only has TAMA kept a consistent quality and creative edge throughout their history of music but in my opinion they have exponentially progressed.

“Clockwork” signifies more than just a new single. It demonstrates the coherent direction of the newly formed electronic duo’s style and stride. Having spent the bulk of 2018 producing and releasing new music monthly they have staunchly carved their groove in the industry vinyl. As time presses forward and the year comes to an end, we are utterly stoked to witness the direction that these two brilliant musicians take in their musical odyssey. We hope to experience TAMA UCXI more in the physical realm at concerts and festivals in the future and can’t wait to hear again from the juggernaut of a duo! Check out their latest track below and don’t forget to follow them on instagram for updates here.

Lastlings Debuts Track On RÜFÜS DU SOL’s New Label Rose Avenue Records

Lastlings Debuts Track On RÜFÜS DU SOL’s New Label Rose Avenue Records

The Australian brother-sister duo is back after almost a year of no releases, boasting a groundbreaking track titled ‘Deja Vu’ as their first release on RÜFÜS DU SOL’s new label Rose Avenue Records. It’s a track that will have you in a mental spin once you leave it on shuffle, trancing yourself into a true deja vu as its syths and layers take you into a deep whirlwind of emotions. A new and mystical dance floor anthem that is sure to kick up some dust and take dancefloors deep into the night.

The duo made up of both Amy and Josh lays out a new sound that they have been working on with Josh on synths and drums, while Amy calls out with deep and soothing vocals, best described by themselves saying:

“DEJA VU, is the first offering from our next project. The song is, for us, a new sound. A sound we have been working towards for over a year now. We’re fine tuning ideas every day, discovering more about ourselves & our music every time we step into the world we have been creating. DEJA VU is especially important to us as what feels like the beginning of a new chapter for LASTLINGS.” – Amy & Josh

This comes after a stretch of no releases from them, but boasts a notion that their time away has proven productive and a bright future ahead of them in the coming months and year. This is largely due to catching the attention of RÜFÜS DU SOL. The trio, recently starting their label ‘Rose Avenue Records,’ with the goal of giving the undiscovered and rising stars of the indie electronic world a platform to be heard, met with Lastlings and automatically connected with their emotion and sound. Lastlings has spent some time recording and writing with them in their Venice studio on Rose Avenue, giving us hope of more to come from them on the label.

RÜFÜS DU SOL on teaming up with Lastlings: “Taste is such a funny thing, when you find people who share your love of particular music it bonds you instantly, you don’t need anything else in common. We had that moment when we met Amy and Josh last year. They played us some of their new music they’d been writing and we were in. At that point we didn’t even have a label set up, we just knew we wanted to be a part of what they were working on and try to share the feeling their music evokes us with as many people as possible.”

Stream ‘Deja Vu’ Below:

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Brasstracks Drops 1st Single From New Project: Vibrant feat. Pell

Brasstracks Drops 1st Single From New Project: Vibrant feat. Pell

“The Vibrant Tour” Dates Announced! Kicking off in January 2019

Brasstracks have released the first single from their upcoming project, Vibrant feat. Pell.

The production on this bright bop lives in a blend between Hip-hop and R&b with the classic eruption of horns and live drums that we can always expect from our Brasstracks boys. The flow of the New Orleans-based rapper Pell seems to effortlessly glide over this track with the beat and his voice living harmoniously together as one. The song definitely has a good energy to it which is ever so prevalent in the live video of Brasstracks and Pell performing the song on the top of Elsewhere’s rooftop in Brooklyn, NY last month.

Along with this new incredible song, Brasstracks has also announced a 28 date tour called “The Vibrant Tour” starting in the end of January to kickstart 2019 in the right direction and set off the release of the new project.

The music truly speaks for itself and it’s obvious that Brasstracks is slowly making a bigger impact in this world of music. Their unique and creative choices are making people all over the world want a taste of the vibe. The duo is currently gearing up for another small tour of Asia including shows in China, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Be sure to look and see if your city is on the dates listed below.

“The Vibrant Tour” dates:

January 30th – Boston, MA
January 31st – Brooklyn, NY
February 1st – Washington, DC
February 2nd – Philadelphia, PA
February 4th – Buffalo, NY
February 5th – Cleveland, OH
February 7th – Chicago, IL
February 8th – Detroit, MI
February 9th – Toronto, ON
February 11th – Bloomington, IN
February 12th – Nashville, TN
February 14th – Atlanta, GA
February 15th – New Orleans, LA
February 16th – Dallas, TX
February 20th – Phoenix, AZ
February 21st – Los Angeles, CA
February 22nd – San Diego, CA
February 23rd – San Francisco, CA
February 27th – Vancouver, BC
February 28th – Bellingham, WA
March 1st – Seattle, WA
March 2nd – Portland, OR
March 5th – Boise, ID
March 6th – Las Vegas, NV
March 7th – Salt Lake City, UT
March 9th – Denver, CO


VOILA Release New Single: “Don’t”

VOILA Release New Single: “Don’t”

If you haven’t heard of L.A.’s most promising new pop/rock duo, VOILÀ, you’re about to. Backed by a team of industry juggernauts and having opened for artists including Kesha, The Fray, X Ambassadors, Flume, and Martin Garrix, the duo is set to take over with their refreshing, relatable, and authentic sound. Today, with their brand-new single, Don’t, off their upcoming self-titled debut album, we get a glimpse of great things to come.

“Don’t” deals with subject matter we can all relate to: the bitter yearning and heartache of an unhealthy relationship that, in spite of all the warnings, neither party can escape. The power of the song comes from the personal experiences of the artists, Gus Ross and Luke Eisner.

“I can’t control who I fall for. I can only acknowledge and embrace the sensation of wanting what I know full well isn’t good for me.”
– Gus Ross

“Growing up, there was this willow tree in my front yard. I would always try to climb it, but it was tough. My parents would yell at me and say I was going to get hurt, my friends would say I was wasting my time, and I still have a scar from falling. But, what they didn’t know is that when you got to the top you could see the most beautiful view. A view that made you forget every reason you hated the climb. I fell in love with a girl that was like that willow tree.”
– Luke Eisner

Luke and Gus, who met at USC’s Thornton School of Music, bring two unique backgrounds into creative union. Hailing from London, lead singer Gus got his start in music busking in the streets, eventually rising to play gigs and festivals throughout London’s West End, even performing for the Queen. And from small-town Wisconsin, Luke found music through a passion for literature, building his voice as a lyricist and songwriter for a number of Midwest bands, while maintaining a professional modeling career in tandem with his music.

We are beyond excited for the fresh and authentic sound of VOILÀ, and can’t wait to watch them take over with more infectious hooks and catchy melodies.

Minimal Effort Releases Phase One Lineup For New Year’s Eve Event

Minimal Effort Releases Phase One Lineup For New Year’s Eve Event

Minimal Effort returns to Downtown Los Angeles’ Belasco Theater for a New Year’s Eve celebration complete with enchanting house vibes and all. Over the past four years, Minimal Effort has made its mark in LA’s underground music scene. The events they have curated have been nothing short of a house and techno haven — all due to their signature brand of thoughtfully chosen talent in a space that upholds the authenticity of the house and techno genres.

After a successful Halloween event that featured talents such as Boys Noize, Christian Martin and Louisahhh!, Minimal Effort continues to impress by announcing their NYE lineup that includes Grammy-nominated producer Sasha, DIRTYBIRD’s Will Clarke and Justin Jay, and dubstep-gone-house producer Skream, just to name a few. As this is only phase one of the  lineup announcement, we can expect many more specially-chosen artists to grace our ears with their house and techno basslines this New Year’s Eve.

Equipped with a high-tech sound system, plush lounges, and art, The Belasco Theater is the perfect space for Minimal Effort to take place. As a venue that is rich with history and decor that echoes the past, it’s the ideal backdrop for such an event whose genres are rooted in the underground.

For more info check out their website here.