New Single Out by Driftwood Titled ‘Higher Mentions’

New Single Out by Driftwood Titled ‘Higher Mentions’

Back with a new and impressive single titled ‘Higher Mentions’, Australian based artist Driftwood is adding another piece to his project. Becoming a unique artist hasn’t been easy, but his work has definitely proven successful in this new track that is accompanied by an additional music video. It tells a slight narrative that Driftwood himself created to also allow the viewer to make up their own version of as it progresses.

“I  generally  fly under the  radar and don’t like  to make a fuss about the  fact that I do have a hand  in every part of my creative  process. I like to paint pictures  through music and film, but I don’t  like to star in any of my videos and prefer  to collaborate with people who inspire me. I am fascinated  by literature, music, film and life, and I strive to tell stories across  audio & film to provoke thought and emotion.” –Driftwood

With a skillset and mindset that sets him apart from other artists, Driftwood can be expected to continue to produce content that makes you think as well as enjoy overall with his unique electo-hip hop sound. Keep your eye out for more from this artist and follow him below to keep up to date!

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