Mitch Geist Drops Stunning 30 Track Compilation “Flavors”

Mitch Geist Drops Stunning 30 Track Compilation “Flavors”

Mitch Geist recently dropped, “Flavors” which is a compilation of remixes, ideas, and loops that each supply a unique and swank vibe. This whopping 30 track project covers a spectrum of sounds from Gellaitry like synths to instrumental hip hop reminiscent of J Dilla. Mitch brings these elements together all with his own characteristic funk hop style and standout production.

My personal favorites from this compilation are, “When I Had Nothin’”, “ThassWhy”, and “WaterCountry” which was even used by apparel brand Rip n Dip to promote their new spring collection! Although many of these tracks may not be fully realised, the extensive mood and groove of the project are a complete journey reminiscent of Flying Lotus’, “Ideas+drafts+loops”.

If you’ve yet to give this lengthy compilation a listen, then it may suit you to indulge in parts. But one trip in LA traffic should be just enough to experience the hour and fourteen minute odyssey that is “Flavors.”

Check it out below and RSVP here to his performance at Good Society’s “Beneath Waves” on Friday, March 29th!

Lastlings Debuts Track On RÜFÜS DU SOL’s New Label Rose Avenue Records

Lastlings Debuts Track On RÜFÜS DU SOL’s New Label Rose Avenue Records

The Australian brother-sister duo is back after almost a year of no releases, boasting a groundbreaking track titled ‘Deja Vu’ as their first release on RÜFÜS DU SOL’s new label Rose Avenue Records. It’s a track that will have you in a mental spin once you leave it on shuffle, trancing yourself into a true deja vu as its syths and layers take you into a deep whirlwind of emotions. A new and mystical dance floor anthem that is sure to kick up some dust and take dancefloors deep into the night.

The duo made up of both Amy and Josh lays out a new sound that they have been working on with Josh on synths and drums, while Amy calls out with deep and soothing vocals, best described by themselves saying:

“DEJA VU, is the first offering from our next project. The song is, for us, a new sound. A sound we have been working towards for over a year now. We’re fine tuning ideas every day, discovering more about ourselves & our music every time we step into the world we have been creating. DEJA VU is especially important to us as what feels like the beginning of a new chapter for LASTLINGS.” – Amy & Josh

This comes after a stretch of no releases from them, but boasts a notion that their time away has proven productive and a bright future ahead of them in the coming months and year. This is largely due to catching the attention of RÜFÜS DU SOL. The trio, recently starting their label ‘Rose Avenue Records,’ with the goal of giving the undiscovered and rising stars of the indie electronic world a platform to be heard, met with Lastlings and automatically connected with their emotion and sound. Lastlings has spent some time recording and writing with them in their Venice studio on Rose Avenue, giving us hope of more to come from them on the label.

RÜFÜS DU SOL on teaming up with Lastlings: “Taste is such a funny thing, when you find people who share your love of particular music it bonds you instantly, you don’t need anything else in common. We had that moment when we met Amy and Josh last year. They played us some of their new music they’d been writing and we were in. At that point we didn’t even have a label set up, we just knew we wanted to be a part of what they were working on and try to share the feeling their music evokes us with as many people as possible.”

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