Benji Lewis Releases New Single ‘Ride’ That Chases Summer Vibes

Benji Lewis Releases New Single ‘Ride’ That Chases Summer Vibes

Rising Australian artist Benji Lewis, has given us a glimpse of a carefree ride into the sunset with his new and refreshing single titled ‘Ride.’ A collaboration with LA-based producer Lincoln Jesser that according to Lewis didn’t take long at all to produce as it came with ease to work and together. It’s a propelling yet peaceful track that makes you stop and think about the blessings you have already and making your way through life at your own pace. An important reminder in a fast paced world that couldn’t be more timely as the rush of the holiday season is upon us.

“This  song’s inspiration  came at a time when  I started doing the things  I wanted to do for myself, and  what I felt was right for my career. Everyone  has the right to their own opinion, but at the  end of the day we have the final say in what  we do. It’s about letting yourself relax. You’ll get  to where you want to go in your own time and in your  own way. It’s about looking after yourself and doing what  makes you feel good. Making the most of everything and not putting  too much focus on the destination, but just enjoying the ride.” –Benji  Lewis

This track comes as just a taste of what is to come from this rising artist as he has mentioned he has been writing a good amount to prepare for the coming months. Recently Benji, released his EP titled ‘Together Apart’ that brought us more of his classic, laid back tunes that we can’t get enough of. The future is bright and a true ride as we watch this artists grow and develop.

Take a ‘Ride’ and Listen Below!

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