Fresh: Duo TAMA UCXI Drops their latest single “Clockwork”

Even though the weekend is long gone, music fans can rejoice as we’ve been double blessed by Los Angeles duo TAMA UCXI/ The Duo just dropped their new single “Clockwork” and we are really feeling over here at AH! This absolute banger comes out with war drums to build which quickly drop into an immensely deep, bassy, stadium shaker of a joint. In contrast to their more dreamy synth based tracks of late, Clockwork exhibits a very resonant and grand sound which amply delivers a supply to the bass head demand. Although not unlike their previous release, “Sakura”, UCXI plays closely to their roots in blending orchestral elements with heavy percussion. Their use of brass horns in conjunction with a bass cannons wet dream make this track royal for a turn up of any kind, but what excites us even more is the thought of hearing it live. We chalk up this track as trap Utopia.

Brendan Han, one half of TAMA UCXI, had this to say about their latest release,

“We knew we wanted to make a heavier trap track to follow our previous future bass releases, but the piano melody and the foundation of the song actually came about because we were, at the time, listening to a bunch of crazy Japanese jazz rock with lots of intricate piano and crazy chord progressions. It’s a relatively simple melody, but the movement and syncopation were inspired by really complex pieces. We also wanted to avoid the traditional verse-drop-verse-drop structure so we tried to create a track that really evolved dynamically while still maintaining its original theme.”

The evolution, referring back to their past future bass tracks, is as clear as day. Not only has TAMA kept a consistent quality and creative edge throughout their history of music but in my opinion they have exponentially progressed.

“Clockwork” signifies more than just a new single. It demonstrates the coherent direction of the newly formed electronic duo’s style and stride. Having spent the bulk of 2018 producing and releasing new music monthly they have staunchly carved their groove in the industry vinyl. As time presses forward and the year comes to an end, we are utterly stoked to witness the direction that these two brilliant musicians take in their musical odyssey. We hope to experience TAMA UCXI more in the physical realm at concerts and festivals in the future and can’t wait to hear again from the juggernaut of a duo! Check out their latest track below and don’t forget to follow them on instagram for updates here.

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