[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit – Living A Dream

One of my favorite new artists in the last couple of years is finally back with some new music. Soul Bandit stands for everything that I love about music. She’s original, she doesn’t give a fuck about what everyone else is doing, and she’s putting out music that she loves and can really stand behind. In a day and age where everybody is willing to sell out right away just for a chance to blow up, it’s incredibly refreshing to have someone like Soul Bandit around who you know is just going to do her all day.

As far as “Living A Dream” goes, it’s fucking great. Soul Bandit again takes her poppy style of beat making and combines it with those deep / dark lyrics that she is known for, bringing attention to today’s fucked up reality while making you think you’re just listening to a fun little pop song. It’s easy to say that I’m addicted to this one.

Check out the track below and be on the look out for more from Soul bandit soon.

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