Hayden James Releases “Just Friends” Ft. Boy Matthews

Hayden James has done it once again, he has created a musical moment that will be stuck in our heads for weeks, the song ‘Just Friends’ is sure to be our anthem this summer. Since we first discovered James back in 2013, his releases have been far and few in between, however each track has been nothing less than a hit. His last single being “NUMB” with GRAACE, had the same musical brilliance as his newest, and actually just went platinum in Australia. Fans love James’ effortless and unapologetic sounds and lyrics, making all of his art so desirable.

For ‘Just Friends,’ James chose the perfect pairing singer, Boy Matthews, to further decorate the song with his soulful and smooth vocals. Rising vocalist Boy Matthews, was also the singer behind Duke Dumont’s hit single “Ocean Drive”, completes the dream pairing for this addictive tune.

Hayden is a powerhouse who continues to create more music in his Australian Studio, waiting for his next single to drop, ‘Just Friends’ is likely to top charts and make headlinews as we can’t stop obsessing over its timeless melodies, and will definitely be on repeat in our playlists for the unforeseeable future.

Listen to “Just Friends” by Hayden James Ft. Boy Matthews now.

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