Chromonicci has recently dropped his latest single titled, “Just Push.” Barely over a month from his latest, “Peaceful Places EP” which premiered on Radio Juicy, this track already denotes a transformative sound for the young beatsmith. As a deviation from his purely instrumental works, nicci delivers a bouncy beat which is layered with airy vocals and introspective lyrics. The message of “Just Push.” is to be assured and uncompromising in the pursuit of your craft. This anthem to creatives reflects on Chromonicci’s own struggles as an artist in which he has settled for less than his worth. “But no more!”

After listening to releases like “Switch” which features his signature electro-bounce style with a bossa nova breakdown, “Peaceful Places EP” with unique chill hop production, and “Just Push.” drop in succession, it’s no secret that Chromonicci is about to take the electronic music scene by storm. His consistency and eclectic range are shaping a definitive path for the rising artists future.

Check out the track below and keep up to date with Chromonicci here.

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