SHADED Teams up with Desert Hearts for latest EP, “Gucci Baggy”

After playing at a couple of Desert Hearts events, it only made sense to officially embrace SHADED into the Desert Hearts family by signing him to the label. The artist’s debut EP on the label, “Gucci Baggy” fits right in with the brand and promises great things in the future.

The opening track, Gucci Baggy, captivates the mind with lyrics that will bring out the listener’s expensive taste: everyone can have a Gucci bag on the dance floor with them for this track. The track boasts retro-inspired synths and a buzzing bassline that trickles into the next track. The second song, titled Trounce, feels a bit quirkier than the first with unusual sounding bubbling synths that maintain a retro sound but edges into the future.

The entire EP is playful and deeply rooted in the Desert Hearts house music genre, which makes us excited for what’s to come from this partnership. Give it a listen!

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