Marc Houle’s EP Release on DIRTYBIRD is Utterly Unique

DIRTYBIRD welcomes Marc Houle back to the label, this time with his own EP titled makes “Min and Soda.” Hailing from Canada, Houle is a practiced producer and knows how to entice the crowd with his unique live sets. Years of experience a vast knowledge of electronic music result in his remarkable ability to produce a sensory experience – exemplified in this EP.

The opener, “Min and Soda” is a minimal trippy track featuring offbeat synths and a futuristic tech-house sound. In typical Marc Houle fashion, the listener is never able to guess what’s coming next, and the track is anything but cookie-cutter.

The second track, “Car and Driver” is just as unique. Ears perk up with a driving acid line that never lets up, and from start to finish we become a passenger in his fast-paced car racing through a vintage-inspired video game. As per usual, Houle’s unusual style turns up a success.

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