Matt Lange and Deniz Reno join up for ethereal, ‘The Space Between’

Grammy Nominated DJ and Producer Matte Lange’s eagerly awaited EP via deadmau5’s mau5trap is set to release March 13th. For those struggling to wait, the first single and title track “Space Between” (feat Deniz Reno) is now available as a taste of the project.

Fans expecting the mysterious glitchy post modular sounds Lange is known for, will find his new single sounds a bit different. Lange utilizes silkier more comprehensible sounds while sustaining a suspenseful soundscape. Deniz Reno compliments Matt Lange’s production offering a beautiful and ethereal pop sensibility that married elegantly with Matt’s blend of synths, machines, and cello.

Fans can expect the EP to echo the track, as Lange explores a sonic aesthetic that combines outboard and modular synths with acoustic instrumentation as well as features from two of his favorite Singers. In similar fashion, “Space Between” exemplifies such an electric ethereal experience that only Lange could conjure.


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