HARD Recs Announces First Single Release from JOYRYDE’s Anticipated Album

The EDM event powerhouse company, HARD is officially in the label space and the first release to graced the imprint is a single from JOYRYDE, titled “IM GONE.” Not only is the release a taste of what’s come from JOYRYDE’s full-length album, but it’s a taste for what we can expect to hear from HARD’s label. “IM GONE” fits seamlessly into the HARD brand we know and love.

The single from JOYRYDE is a high energy track, with trademark elements of a dance floor detonator: a pushing beat, exciting buildups, and unexpected drops. “IM GONE” is unusual, too, as it’s laced with beautiful melancholic piano riffs. JOYRYDE’s talent as a producer and storyteller is on full display on this track and HARD Recs should be proud with its inaugural release. The track will bewilder listeners with the eerie nature of the added instrumentals. 

While it’s beautiful to listen to, this song goes hard and is a perfect debut release on the label. 

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