Roy Rosenfeld Releases Stunning EP, “Rumbala,” on ADID label

Roy Rosenfeld burst out of the underground scene in Israel to become a globally recognized talent, and thank goodness he did. Rosenfeld has returned to All Day I Dream for an alluring four-track EP that fits right in with the label’s mystical, emotive, and unique approach to deep house.

“Rumbala” makes the hair on your skin stand up. It makes your body tingle. It wakes up all your senses. It tells a story of darkness to light. It’s both creepy and beautiful, and it could be Rosenfeld’s best work to date. Each track beautifully portrays an emotion— melancholy, desire, curiosity, or pure bliss— without any gimmicks or added lyrics. “Rumbala” is deep house in its raw form, yet at the same time seems to push the boundaries for what the genre can hold.

Rosenfeld has always believed that music should not be “one note.” The artist strives to break the rules and inspire uniqueness. This EP is a triumph of that mission. “Rumbala” allows the listener to be totally present, and in doing so, allows for an escape.

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