Roy Rosenfeld Releases Stunning EP, “Rumbala,” on ADID label

Roy Rosenfeld Releases Stunning EP, “Rumbala,” on ADID label

Roy Rosenfeld burst out of the underground scene in Israel to become a globally recognized talent, and thank goodness he did. Rosenfeld has returned to All Day I Dream for an alluring four-track EP that fits right in with the label’s mystical, emotive, and unique approach to deep house.

“Rumbala” makes the hair on your skin stand up. It makes your body tingle. It wakes up all your senses. It tells a story of darkness to light. It’s both creepy and beautiful, and it could be Rosenfeld’s best work to date. Each track beautifully portrays an emotion— melancholy, desire, curiosity, or pure bliss— without any gimmicks or added lyrics. “Rumbala” is deep house in its raw form, yet at the same time seems to push the boundaries for what the genre can hold.

Rosenfeld has always believed that music should not be “one note.” The artist strives to break the rules and inspire uniqueness. This EP is a triumph of that mission. “Rumbala” allows the listener to be totally present, and in doing so, allows for an escape.

All Day I Dream Announces 2019 World Tour Dates

All Day I Dream Announces 2019 World Tour Dates

All Day I Dream has a distinct way of presenting music that aims to put the listener into a state of pure bliss and tranquility. As such, fans everywhere can rejoice in the announcement of the label’s 2019 world tour. ADID’s ability to delicately yet deliberately touch the soul with ethereal décor and emotive soundtracking is unparalleled and inspiring.

This year All Day I Dream is hitting all the usual spots with its island residencies in Mykonos and Ibiza, as well as major cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco, London, Moscow, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dubai, St. Petersburg, and Toronto, among others. The current listed cities and dates will only grow as we get deeper into 2019.

Label boss and genius Lee Burridge has kept himself busy thus far with not only the world tour but with a return to the Radio 1 decks for a new Essential Mix featuring label newcomers and seasoned veterans. Some new artists featured on the mix include Roy Rosenfeld, DSF, Newman, innovative duo Double Touch, and Facundo Mohrr. All of these artists create expressive and melodic music that’s impacting the deep house scene and redefining the genre altogether.

Beloved family members like Lost Desert, YokoO, Oona Dahl, and Hoj are also on the mix, helping to shape the one-of-a-kind ADID sound. The mix is dreamy, filled with unreleased tracks, entrancing, and mystical: all things you can expect from any ADID show on the world tour.

For more information about the tour and who’s playing, visit and snag a ticket to experience the magic for yourself.

Tour Dates:

Jan 2: Tulum, MX – Sunset Beach @ Caleta Tankah

Jan 25: Dubai, UAE – SOHO Beach

Jan 27: London, UK – Fabric

Mar 8: Dubai, UAE – SOHO Beach

Mar 29: Miami, FL – Delano South Beach

May 3:  Dubai, UAE – SOHO Beach

May 23: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

May 25: Moscow, RU – TBD

May 26: St Petersburg, RU – TBD

Jun 1: Denver, CO – Sculpture Park

Jun 9: New York, NY – Brooklyn Mirag

Jun 15: Los Angeles, CA  – Gin Ling Way

Jun 22: San Francisco, CA  – Golden Gate Park

Jun 27: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

July 5: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

Jul 11: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

Jul 13: Toronto, ON – Fort York

Jul 18: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

Aug 1: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

Aug 8: Mykonos, GR – Scorpios

Sep 20: Ibiza, ES – Cova Santa

Sep 21: Chicago, IL – TBD

Sep 28: Oakland, CA  – Middle Shoreline Park

Oct 12: Itajaí, BR – Warung Beach Club

Tanzmann’s Newest DIRTYBIRD Release is a Treat

Tanzmann’s Newest DIRTYBIRD Release is a Treat

Matthias Tanzmann is an expert at laying down some serious deep house, and his new EP is no exception to the rule. Out on DIRTYBIRD Records, the two-track EP aptly named, “The Treat,” is a sweet addition to the label.

“The Treat” is a clubbers delight. The EP opener is made for the club scene, as it keeps people moving in the wee hours of the night. It’s pushing beat and tech-style synths make it a Tanzmann classic, but the kicker on this track is the simplistic lyrics of, “it’s the beat, beat, that gives you the treat.” It’s truly a clubber’s anthem. The second track, Filthy, is equally as fun in its quirky lyrics and funky samples over the relentless high-hats.

Get to dance floor if you want a lesson on perfect house music production. But don’t forget, DIRTYBIRD and Tanzmann would like you to have some with it.

Desert Hearts Releases Family & Friends Volume 3

Desert Hearts Releases Family & Friends Volume 3

The Family & Friends series from Desert Hearts Records is an ode to what the Desert Hearts crew does best: house, techno, deep house, and tech-house. Riddled with label stalwarts old and new, this collection of songs samples exactly what you’d hear at a Desert Hearts party.

The third installment of the Family & Friends series is comprised of 19 tracks that represent every shade of Desert Hearts. With artists Andrea Henneberg, Sacha Robotti, Cut Snake, NiQW, Sydney Blu, Rich Pinder, and many more, there is no shortage of fresh tracks on the collection.

The opener is a song from Andrea Henneberg, aptly titled “Desert Hearts.” It begins with a robotic voice repeating, “Desert Hearts,” which then proclaims, “Let’s rock that shit.” It’s a fun start to this third volume and sets the listener up for the rest of the collection, in which, of course, the artists are rocking that shit. Crank the volume and enjoy. 


Get Lost Miami Welcomes over 60 Incredible Artists for the 14th Installment of the Marathon Event

Get Lost Miami Welcomes over 60 Incredible Artists for the 14th Installment of the Marathon Event

The Get Lost party series is just one of Damian Lazarus’ highly successful endeavers. The producer championed the festival Day Zero and remains at the helm of underground music and event coordinating. Miami has become the flagship event in the Get Lost part series and what started as an intimate after-hours party now welcomes more than 60 incredible deep house artists for a 24-hour marathon party and proves to be one of the most anticipated events of the year. 

This year’s lineup is littered with favorites as well as unexpected newcomers. Lazarus will kick off the event with a 5 am set alongside DJ Tennis and DJ Three as the trio, Wizardry. Get Lost veterans Guy Gerber, Francesca Lombardo, Soul Clap, Jonas Rathsman, Serge Devant, Shaun Reeves, Behrouz, Kenny Glasgow, Jonny White, and wAFF will all be in attendance as well. It’s almost as if 24 hours is too short an experience, as the event is known to bewitch and entice its guests, and its evolving production is truly something to lose yourself and revel in. 

Despite his status as a global icon in dance music, we are surprised to see Diplo’s name among these underground giants. However, the world famous DJ has been known to appreciate all genres of electronic music and doesn’t shy away from the challenge of diving into the deep. Attendees will have an exciting front row seat into the unknown for Diplo’s departure from his usual sound. 

Staying true to its deep roots in the underground, Get Lost Miami promises sets from the Desert Hearts Crew, Claude VonStroke, Doc Martin, Dennis Ferrer, Felix da Housecat, DJ Sneak, and many underground artists. From sunrise to sundown, attendees can expect mystery and intrigue around every corner, amongst four distinct dancefloor environments flowing between a smoke-filled club and back outside underneath the sun, moon, and stars. Get your tickets to this one of a kind party, held on March 30, and let Damian Lazarus do the rest. 

Embrace the Serenity of Winter with All Day I Dream’s Winter Sampler

Embrace the Serenity of Winter with All Day I Dream’s Winter Sampler

All Day I Dream and label boss Lee Burridge put together an emotional 13-piece compilation that emotes the beauty of winter sun while serving as the perfect transition into the newness of spring. The Winter Sampler includes artists we know and love as well as newer producers. The all-star list includes Newman, Rowee, Facundo Mohrr, Modd, Essáy, Simon Vuarambon, Hauy, Hermanez, Fulltone, Roy Rosenfeld, Amonita, Makebo, and Yuichiro Kotani and Hiroyuki Kajino.

This sampler evoked tranquility and calmness, like the feeling of standing in a quiet snow-covered field with brisk temperatures yet the subtle warmth of the distant winter-rays. Every track on collection is dreamy and ethereal, and like the slow melt of winter ice, the sampler will melt away your worries. Stream it now on Spotify


Bobby Nourmand : L I V E in San Francisco (2 Hour Set)

Bobby Nourmand : L I V E in San Francisco (2 Hour Set)

I’m a little late on this one but I wanted to make sure my dedicated readers did not miss out on the latest mix from Bobby Nourmand. I have know Bobby for a few years now and his progression as an artist has just been awesome to watch. Bobby’s music is all about the vibe and his original production along with his carefully selected tracks always come together to create something special.

Bobby recently played a rooftop show in San Francisco and I guess it was so good that he couldn’t keep his two hour set all to himself. Check out the whole thing below and be sure to stay tuned for more music from Bobby very soon.

BOBBY NOURMAND – PRISONER (feat. Laurent John)

BOBBY NOURMAND – PRISONER (feat. Laurent John)

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.14.30 PM

Bobby Nourmand is one of my favorite deep house producers with out a doubt. Not only has it been a pleasure to become friends with this guy over the last 2 years but I am just impressed and proud of his progress as an artist. Back when we first started talking about music and life,he was still searching for his own style and vibe and I can say now with confidence that he has found all of the above. His music continues to evolve with each release and you can see his confidence grow with each new show he plays. 2018 is looking to be a big year for Bobby and I’m happy to support his movement. Be sure to check out the track below and follow him on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Bobby Nourmand – Gimme Shelter

Bobby Nourmand – Gimme Shelter

One of the coolest parts about being a part of this industry is that you tend to make friends with people who are incredibly talented. Weather they are business masterminds or technical producers, Los Angeles is full of some of the brightest musical minds on the planet. Bobby Nourmand is one of these friends of mine and I’m happy to support his new track “Gimme Shelter” today. Taking inspiration from the Rolling Stones, Bobby puts his cool touch to a track that you almost can’t help to bounce along with. There are a lot of people making “Deep house” with big samples but very few are able to set a unique and almost dark vibe like Bobby can. This would have been great to hear in the Yuma tent this year and I feel like it’s only a matter of time before we see Bobby bringing his signature sound to parties all over the country.

Keep up the good work boss! We are all rooting for you.

Download: Bobby Nourmand – Gimme Shelter

Support “Gimee Shelter” on Hypemachine

Bobby Nourmand – The Sound

Bobby Nourmand – The Sound

This is a straight up warning that you are about to go one deeper (and a bit darker) on this next one. Today I have a new remix from our good friend Bobby Nourmand, a local LA DJ/Producer who for the second consecutive track in a row now has just crushed the entire classic rock genre. For his latest offering, Bobby’s creates his own rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The sound of silence” and what you get here is a very dark mood driven beat that builds into something that you just have to dance to.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where Bobby will go from here as I feel like his music is just getting better and better. Deep house needs a producer like Bobby and he will continue to show you why as he releases more bangers like “The Sound”.

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