Bobby Nourmand – Gimme Shelter

One of the coolest parts about being a part of this industry is that you tend to make friends with people who are incredibly talented. Weather they are business masterminds or technical producers, Los Angeles is full of some of the brightest musical minds on the planet. Bobby Nourmand is one of these friends of mine and I’m happy to support his new track “Gimme Shelter” today. Taking inspiration from the Rolling Stones, Bobby puts his cool touch to a track that you almost can’t help to bounce along with. There are a lot of people making “Deep house” with big samples but very few are able to set a unique and almost dark vibe like Bobby can. This would have been great to hear in the Yuma tent this year and I feel like it’s only a matter of time before we see Bobby bringing his signature sound to parties all over the country.

Keep up the good work boss! We are all rooting for you.

Download: Bobby Nourmand – Gimme Shelter

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