Playlist: :( Monday VII

Ah Monday. I hate you so much.. If it wasn’t for these awesome tracks that I personally selected, I probably wouldn’t survive the day. Today I have some choice new cuts from some really solid producers including: Y2K, Josh Pan, Polar Youth, Abjo, Fortune, Sango, and many more! Tracklist is down below.

Y//2//K – Y//2//K & josh pan – Bubble
WILDE – Hanging Tree (Are You?)
esha nest – ascent
Awe – Griffin (King Henry Remix)
Molly Williams – Awake Ft. Calliko (Forthcoming ~ Play It Louder Vol.4)
SAVON – 1481
Marvel Alexander – Dirty Thoughts (Prod.By Sango)
16 yr old – you not bout shit
AbJo – Momentum
njord. – Treehouse
Polar Youth – Samuel
FORTUNE. – Happy Birthday Gabrielle <3 P A T H - F a u l t

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