Feeling This – #5

22 hand picked tracks from last week. I think you might find some surprises on this weeks list which included several artists with less than 1,000 followers on Soundcloud. If you had to pick an MVP of week 6, who would it be? I’m going to start writing features on the artists with the most popular tracks. This will probably start next week.

Leave your picks in the comments.

1. StéLouseCloser
2. gylzey supernova feat. irahnik
3. Tom MischHome
4. SuperBeats. – Tim Legend – You
5. Secret cratesBetrayal
6. Zuper Doin some ill shit..
7. Saaj ‏ Karma
8. Saaj ‏ – Slo-Down
9. kylexDenouement
10. monte bookermay (ft. ravyn lenae)
11. v a s s hinside of u…
12. 20syl Dust Clouds
13. SoySauce – Thug Panda (Delamare Remix)
14. glxypromise
15. Punta RosaZZon
16. Deffie x Masego ~ Toot That Thang
17. Ashanti – Movies (Feo Re-think)
18. Tim legendsongs of solomon
19. Zach Dufresnebluesberry road
21. zayyaf ancient
22. ZikomoJanet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (Zikomo Remix)

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