kylex – Denouement

Sometimes I just hear a beat that is so dirty that I have to throw it up on the blog and that is exactly what has happened right now. kylex appears to be basically unknown. He’s got a full ep on bandcamp called “Paper Planes” (Which you can buy here) and less than 500 followers on soundcloud. I have a feeling that number will skyrocket very soon and hopefully I can send him a few new fans from this post.

Now as far as the track goes, Denouement is just fucking awesome. At first you might think it’s just going to be another trappy sort of club banger but it is not that at all. This shit takes you on a ride and throws you all over the place. With that sort of haunting Calliope synth, I can’t help but nod along and get hyped while I sit here on my god damn couch. I love music like this and I can;t wait to see what kylex has for us next.

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Buy “Paper Planes”

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