MISOGI – Pink2 (ep)

I’ve only been following MISOGI for a couple of months and everything I have experienced thus far has just been a pure joy to listen to. There isn’t a lot of info out about this mysterious producer but as I like to say a lot these days, the music speaks for its self. The vibe of this 6 track ep is full on future feels. You can close your eyes to this and go wherever you need to go, be it a state of focus and deep concentration or a lost world of distraction. There is a steady balance of good vs evil through out the entire project with plenty dark, almost medieval trap vibes, paired beautifully with synths that seem almost angelic at times. This is exactly what I want to hear from a “future bass” type of ep and I think Misogi has the potential to take this whole style of production to another level if he continues to build off of this solid foundation. Check it out for yourself and feel free to donate some fundage at the links below. These producers have to eat too ya know.

Check out more of MISOGI’s work here.

Download: MISOGI – Pink2 

From Soundcloud:

Download (Donate / Free):
OR tinyurl.com/PINK2EP


Art By Misogi & HKCovers

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