2019 Freestyle Has A Music Video Now

An artist who alters R&B with his visionary approach, sobhhï just released a new video for his 2019 freestyle track. sobhhï has been on a grind lately since he dropped his Black I EP in February. His innovative alternative R&B style with a sentimental focus makes sobhhï stand out from the crowd, and his artistic growth can be observed from the unique way he combines Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop elements in his work.

sobhhï’s self-directed video is a work of art. The stunning black and white visuals with an occasional splash of colors emphasizes the reflective nature of the video, and allows the audience to see the world from his eyes. Although much shorter than traditional music videos, 2019 freestyle captures a contrast between real and fake, serious and frivolous. The imagery of sobhhï driving a Lamborghini with the doors fully open and people sitting on top of the roof conveys a self-confident attitude unaffected by judgement. The pop-up lyrics that appear every now and then draws the attention away from the stark theme of the video and offers a comedic side note. Just like the rest of his EP, the music video for 2019 freestyle might appear like a minimalist, stripped down product, but a tremendous amount of work has been put into the making of the video as it was recorded in three distinct locations: Dubai, New York City and San Fransisco.

sobhhï had the following to say about his EP:

“I wanted to create an experience of night time and nocturnalism through the music; to experience something moving, extremely visceral; romantic, sensual, and dangerous… I would consider the BLACK series of EPs to be my most essential work, this is only the introduction”

2019 is a strong year for sobhhï since he is establishing his position as one of the up and coming Alt-R&B geniuses of the year with Black I and three other EP’s that are yet to come. In the meantime, check out the music video for 2019 freestyle from below:

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