The Code Revolutionizes R&B-Electronic Music With New EP

The Code’s new EP “mercury” is out today, a few months after teasing the us by releasing “moments”, which was first played at 1Xtra by DJ Target. On their mission of bringing down the barriers that distinguish genres, The Code is putting their advanced R&B/Hip Hop production skills to use and creating a space travel experience for people who are exposed to their artistic vision.

The Code opens up the EP with “system” to set the tone and lets the audience know that even though you can only hear with your ears, you will be immersed into a 3-D experience by just listening to this EP. The precision of the beats juxtaposing with a melody that resembles lo-fi but is also in harmony with every aspect of the production are the main reasons for this EP to sound like a message from distant galaxies.

In The Code’s own words, “This is what it must feel like to be retrograde”.

The Code keeps their identity anonymous to avoid distorted social media representations and to speak only through their art. This strategy has helped them a lot as it can be observed from the 8 million streams they have gained from “Gravity” featuring the rap legend G-Eazy.

The Code has also been praised by outlets like The 405 and Pigeons & Planes for their debut “Blue Electronica” and another long project “Paramount”.

mercury” tracklist:

  1. system
  2. moments
  3. more
  4. yourlove(nomore)
  5. inmyhead
  6. slowdancinginamerica

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