Nap Girls Int’l Present: #NapTimeLA – 10/28/2015

Nap Girls Int’l Present: #NapTimeLA – 10/28/2015

As promised, here is the official info on the Nap Girls first LA event.

Get Your tickets (for free) right here.

Clear your calendars and schedule your naps accordingly, the first Nap Girls party is coming atcha and promises to be an unforgettable night of dance music, friendship, kickball, checking my Soundcloud fam, and feminism. All but two of those are true.

The party will take place at Mid City Arthouse – we’ll provide the chunes, and libations, while you hit us with your lovely face/body combos by showing up and…that’s it. Just come by, have a rad time, and be a part of the movement promoting equality in the dance music industry (and beyond!).

Entry to the event will be Free.99 (YAY!), with optional donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation – because what better way to celebrate and support women than to fight back at a disease that affects so many of us and our loved ones? There will also be options to donate at the bar, so many opportunities to give!

Musical guests will be abundant and include -but are not limited to -humans who are DJs, DJs wearing black, DJs with faces, DJs with hair, DJs with talent, and special guest Abi Getto on the kazoo.

We can’t thank you all enough for your support in our endeavor to enlighten, educate and fight gender inequality in our society. This is an issue that stems way beyond the dance music industry, but by giving our voice we hope to inspire women all over the world – in all industries – to speak out against institutionalized injustices.

Thanks again, and hope to see you all there!!
xxx and zzz

#NapGirls – Doing big things for women in the industry.

#NapGirls – Doing big things for women in the industry.

The homies over at NEST HQ posted an article earlier this week about an awesome group of women that have joined together to help each other achieve their dreams in the typically male dominant world of electronic music. I happen to be good friends with quite a few of the #NapGirls and have been a major supporter of everything they have done from day 1. I’m incredibly proud of them and wanted to give them a little shine on my site and I recommend that you check out the full article here. I picked out a little quote below that sums up what they are really all about.

“At its core, the whole Nap Girls phenomenon is completely organic, so the name of the game for founder Liz Garard and all 120+ official Nap Girls was to harness the momentum and solidify the mission. “It started as kind of a joke, I sent a bunch of friends a Snapchat asking if they wanted to join my gang,” says Liz, who seems to be divinely engineered to start this group. She was a Women’s Studies major at Vanderbilt, active in a sorority and wrote her senior thesis titled ‘The Objectification and Commodification of the Female Body in Rave Culture in the New Millennium: Peace Love and #Ravebooty’.”

– Molly Hankins

The #NapGirls have their first official event coming up later this month and I will keep you posted on the details.

Cochedda – A #FGC Coachella Event

Cochedda – A #FGC Coachella Event

The tastiest party in all of socal makes it’s official debut at Coachella in 2015. Get ready for the FGC event of the year “Cochedda”. The lineup is sick and space is limited so RSVP while you can and I’ll see you all Thursday night.

From Nathan Beer of FGC:

We’ve been hard at work for the past month, wracking our brains to bring Free Grilled Cheese to Coachella. Well, we did. We’re calling it Coachedda and it’s got some of the best crews LA has to offer behind it. If you’re around Indio next week, hit us up and we’ll do our best to sort you for entry. In the meantime, RSVP below!

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