#NapGirls – Doing big things for women in the industry.

The homies over at NEST HQ posted an article earlier this week about an awesome group of women that have joined together to help each other achieve their dreams in the typically male dominant world of electronic music. I happen to be good friends with quite a few of the #NapGirls and have been a major supporter of everything they have done from day 1. I’m incredibly proud of them and wanted to give them a little shine on my site and I recommend that you check out the full article here. I picked out a little quote below that sums up what they are really all about.

“At its core, the whole Nap Girls phenomenon is completely organic, so the name of the game for founder Liz Garard and all 120+ official Nap Girls was to harness the momentum and solidify the mission. “It started as kind of a joke, I sent a bunch of friends a Snapchat asking if they wanted to join my gang,” says Liz, who seems to be divinely engineered to start this group. She was a Women’s Studies major at Vanderbilt, active in a sorority and wrote her senior thesis titled ‘The Objectification and Commodification of the Female Body in Rave Culture in the New Millennium: Peace Love and #Ravebooty’.”

– Molly Hankins

The #NapGirls have their first official event coming up later this month and I will keep you posted on the details.

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