Video: Soulection 2014 | 365 Days

Following Soulection over the last year has been incredible. Everything they have done has been on point and they truly represent the power of music and the sound of tomorrow. Check out their journey in this video and spread the word. These guys give me hope for music and for life in general. We are blessed to have them doing what they do and I can’t wait to see them dominate 2015.

From Soulection:

“2014 was a year of awareness. It was a year full of progression and many memories. Our TSOT residency moved from The Crosby to the Echoplex and moved up to The Regent. We toured 5 continents and 81 cities, connected with our supporters face to face, hit 36 million plays on SoundCloud, took the radio show to Rinse FM, and met a lot of our favorite artists. 

This has been 6 years in the making; 2 years of mental preparation and 4 years of actual existence. It’s been a long time coming and we still aren’t where we want to be as a label, platform, and radio show. We have a lot of ground to cover still. This wouldn’t be possible without you. Remember that.

Special thanks to Domstills, Coleman, Whest Cornell, Joe Kay, & Quinn for capturing all this footage over the year. 


Directed & Edited by Whest Cornell (
Narrated by Joe Kay

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