Last Week’s Best: January 12 – 18

Last Week’s Best: January 12 – 18

Sorry I’m a little late but here are the best new tracks from last week. Lot’s of goodness so be sure to check them all out. ‘ll get started on this week’s playlist asap.


1. SoySauce – ~ Broken Record ~(feat. Joni Fatora)~
2 – Dirty Chocolate動く城 – ♊ MUSHROOM KINGDOM ♊ ft. GameboySP
3 – Jodeci – What About Us (Kount Edit)(Exclusive Track)
4 – Ʌbelard – ☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?
5 – MadBliss – blatant
6 – 16yrold + Divine for all in eyewear(2 Air)
7 – kuma – Falling For Somebody New
8 – Sango & SPZRKT – JMK
9 – pearl white – sky gradient (w/ lux natura)
10 – Jaylen! – Jaylen! x Lege Kale – Bartender Rmx

Kuma – Falling For Somebody New

Kuma – Falling For Somebody New

Whenever I get the chills while I listen to a track, I already know it’s going to be special. I have posted Kuma on this site many times before but “Falling For Somebody new really shows how far he has come. This is a beautiful song and I hope people get a chance to appreciate it.

Heading back to the Pacific Northwest for the holidays! Just wanted to share another song with you guys before I leave tomorrow and I wish you all the best for the remainder of the year.

“Happy Holidays!

Photo by Henrietta Harris (

quick note:

the vocals are from a super dope cover of “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys performed by Kim Vallido. no intentions of claiming this song to be completely original, simply a re-imagining of Arctic Monkeys’ song!

Kim-vallido – Do-i-wanna-know

Kuma – I’ll See You Later

Kuma – I’ll See You Later

Not sure how I possibly missed the release of this track from Kuma but “I’ll See You Later” is such a solid track. I have probably played this a dozen times today. It just brings all of those feels out that make a track truly addicting. Kuma is quickly climbing up my list of favorite producers and if he keeps putting stuff out like this, he will be taking over soon enough.

About The Track:

From Kuma – A few months ago, I found myself listening to the music I listened to heavily in high school. A lot of it was Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Blue Scholars, and Freddie Joachim. One of the records I was listening to was Lupe’s ‘Food And Liquor.’ I heard “Daydreamin'” for the first time in years and immediately went to work on a new tune, sampling Jill Scott’s lovely singing, which would ultimately become “Beneath The Flowers.”

I don’t really remember starting the writing for “I’ll See You Later,” but it’s wutevz tho, iz emotional af.

Hope you can get a piece of who I am from these joints and enjoy the short journey of the BERA EP!

Photo by Teerayut Hiruntaraporn

Josh Pan & Kuma – Submission

Josh Pan & Kuma – Submission

Feeling pretty blessed to see this one in my stream today. I have already been stalking Kuma on Soundcloud for a hot minute but god damn. Josh Pan is on my radar as well as this is exactly the type of sound my eyes are begging for. Can’t wait for more.

From Flow-Fi

It has been a hot minute since we last had a release from our boy Kuma but it’s worth the wait. Check out the new joint between Kuma and talented Josh Pan as they throw down a tumultuous yet altogether sexy flip of Tinashe’s ‘Vulnerable’ zinged with the tongue-in-cheek sample of ‘Loyal’.

josh pan on Soundcloud: @joshpan 
Twitter: @11joshpan11

kuma on Soundcloud: @imkuma
Twitter: @imkumaa

Artwork by: @abstractyouth

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