Josh Pan & Kuma – Submission

Feeling pretty blessed to see this one in my stream today. I have already been stalking Kuma on Soundcloud for a hot minute but god damn. Josh Pan is on my radar as well as this is exactly the type of sound my eyes are begging for. Can’t wait for more.

From Flow-Fi

It has been a hot minute since we last had a release from our boy Kuma but it’s worth the wait. Check out the new joint between Kuma and talented Josh Pan as they throw down a tumultuous yet altogether sexy flip of Tinashe’s ‘Vulnerable’ zinged with the tongue-in-cheek sample of ‘Loyal’.

josh pan on Soundcloud: @joshpan 
Twitter: @11joshpan11

kuma on Soundcloud: @imkuma
Twitter: @imkumaa

Artwork by: @abstractyouth

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