Royal – Cycles (EP)

The debut EP from one of my favorite new up and comers has finally arrived. I want to start off by first just giving Royal props on the release as a whole. This is the future of pop music and I’m happy to say, it doesn’t suck! I look forward to watching Royal blow up over the next year and I hope that my support can keep him moving in the right direction.

Now for the music. It’s a fun, clean, good time. By that I mean the tracks are all polished and executed at a high level which is always great to see from a debut. The beats are fantastic and the features are well chosen. This is a great way to start your week and I look forward to playing these tracks out over the next few months. Keep it up Royal.

Art Direction props: 

Photographer: Lauren Engel
Art Director: Blaise Railey
Model: Naya Shtreys
Wardrobe Stylist: Caitlan Hickey
Makeup Artist: Romana Lai
Hair stylist: Bennett Grey

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