Marvel Alexander – DON’T DIE YET (Full Album)

Straight up I’ll say this album good. You need to put it on when you know you are going to be stuck in your car for a while or if you just have an hour to kill, throw this on and just take it in. Marvel Alexander puts himself out there on “DON’T DIE YET” which appears to be produced by just about everybody I love right now (Sango, Kaytraanada, BBNG, Gravez). Now on paper this looks like it could be album of the year, but after a listen you can tell that Marvel Alexander still has a ways to go before he’s catching comparisons to Kid Cudi and Goldlink.  With all that being said, I like this album and it’s far and away better than a lot of the stuff I’m hearing from the hip hop world right now.

More info here.

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