Kinda Neat Presents: LAKUTIS – ANIMAL (Live Performance)

Just saw the homie Intuition post this on FB and had to give my support. I’ve been bumping this track for a while but I’ve never had a chance to see LAKUTIS do anything live. Gotta love the guy’s swag for sure.

MORE from Kinda Neat:

Lakutis performs “Animal” off of his latest project “3 Seashells” live at Cosmic Zoo studio after a long conversation with Intuition on the Kinda Neat podcast.

This week we talked to 1st generation Russian immigrant and Washington Heights, NY native Aleksey Weintraub, better known as Lakutis. The first time I saw him perform at Los Globos he was on stage shirtless, hair covering his face, screaming like a rap game Danzig, and the catchy dark pop hook for “Body Scream” caught my ear. This year’s 3 Seashells release finds him experimenting on the outskirts of hip hop in a dark, but party friendly world. We talk about growing up in New York in a one parent household, serendipitously falling into rapping, and the quest to make a song he won’t hate when it’s done

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