GoldLink & Falcons – Vroom

The story behind this one goes as so. Goldlink had been using part of this beat in his live sets and when Falcons found out, the two came together (through twitter I believe) to finish the complete song. The end result – Exactly what you needed to ride around town with on this mild LA afternoon.

Quotable Lyrics

You never find a nigga like me put that on my mother
Snake ass, fake ass niggas I don’t trust em
We just say forget em, fuck em, leave em
Find another, I’m a motherfucker
She ain’t safety I’ma bust em
Bitch boost, nigga boost, nigga this ain’t mobile
I’m boosted up, bitch juiced up motherfucker
I tell it like it is, what it be and who I be
That cocky motherfucker who is comin’ out the V

via HNHH

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