#FutureFeels – Same sweet playlists, brand new name

I know my posts have been few and far between this summer. While still trying to land some kind of steady job, I have not been able to really get back into any sort of regular flow of posting. Then came the depression and all shit just went to hell. The worst is far behind me now and I want to get back into working around the things that I love. This blog has always been a part of me and while I know it barely gets any traffic anymore, it still gives me a chance to collect and share all of the music that inspires me every day.

I will soon be launching a new site to compliment AlwaysHustle. The new site (FutureFeels.com) will be focused around the relationship between music and fashion. It will have few words and lots of imagery and hopefully it will connect two of my passions in a way that will get people excited about what your favorite artists are wearing.

I have also taken on a new gig at MagneticMag.com where I will be managing their hip hop content. I have lots of great things in the works and with time I hope to connect all of these projects under my Quickstrike Media brand and establish a true platform for the content I love and really care about. I will keep you all posted on everything and for now I have 2 playlists filled with dope music for you to check out. Enjoy and I’ll hopefully have more posts for you soon.

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